Gettin’ Fit with the Fitbit

Courtney & Kylee

Both of us have been wearing the Fitbit Charge2 for a month.

I used to live blissfully ignorant of the steps I took in a day or flights of stairs I scaled in 24 hours.  Until I started wearing a Fitbit…a present from my husband this Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love it and definitely find value in wearing it.  But, suddenly, I find myself checking to see how many steps I’ve taken by lunch time.  I’ve lived 40+ years without ever considering such a statistic but now I find myself subconsciously managing a panic attack if I haven’t scaled a dozen steps by noon.  I always thought I was “active.”  I put in 5 workouts a week and assumed I was checking the box.  Not so.  According to my Fitbit, I’m falling a bit short.  This has been a revelation to me!  My son-in-law made an interesting observation about health trackers.  He’s in the fitness field and noted:  “The first step toward change is raising your awareness.”  He’s absolutely right!  And, a health tracker like the Fitbit is a great place to start.

As someone who has dabbled in the art of step counting before, the Fitbit wasn’t as much of a wakeup call for me in the awareness sense. However, it was so refreshing to find a way to track my steps without clipping a super sexy plastic counter to my jeans or using an app that drained my phone’s battery by 9am. But for me, it’s all about the goals. Giving myself easily trackable goals every day makes a major difference! Now I’m more aware of the amount of water I’m drinking or the hours of sleep I’m getting (also, tracking how many times I wake up or am restless through the night  is kinda sweet, though I don’t really know what to do with that information yet). This little rubbery watch that might seem useless to some has found its permanent home on my wrist.

Fitbit on wrist with wood background

What Courtney loves about the Fitbit:

  • I love the app on my phone that summarizes the information gathered from the Fitbit.  For instance, the number of calories I’ve burned that day.  Fun fact, after a few weeks, wearing it will give you an idea of how your fitness level measures up to other people your age and gender.  
  • The sleep tracker is fascinating.  Not only does it track how much sleep you’re getting but it notes restless periods of sleep during the night.  
  • Love that there is a silent alarm built into the Fitbit.  So instead of waking up my husband with a buzzy alarm clock, I can set my Fitbit and wake via vibration on my wrist.
  • BONUS FEATURE:  The Fitbit vibrates when you get a text or phone call!  Get out!  My family thanks the creator of that Fitbit feature. I’m forever missing texts and calls when I’m at work. I tend to leave my phone in my purse and go about earning a paycheck. This attitude tends to frustrate my kids and husband who on occasion need my opinion or input.  Since wearing the Fitbit, I’ve been much quicker to respond. As one of her daughters. I can indeed confirm this is the truth. Praise be the Fitbit maker who came up with this idea.

What Kylee loves about the Fitbit:

  • The battery life. Seriously. The fact that I only have to charge this sucker once or twice a week is beautiful. You go Fitbit for planning that one.
  • It’s sweat proof. Ok, honesty hour, as someone who may or may not have shorted out more headphones from sweating than I care to admit, I haven’t had any problems with this Fitbit.
  • The Calorie Tracker. Before you may protest, I have heard tale that the calorie tracker isn’t as accurate as it should be. Whether that’s true or not, I love having a daily reminder of (at least generally) where I’m at. It’s really helped to keep my snacking in check – something I don’t have a great track record of doing.

What Courtney hates about the Fitbit:

  • Starts bothering my skin after 3-4 days of wear.  No big deal.  I just take a break from wearing it for a day or two.
  • The Fitbit keeps track of your workouts.  But you have to manually turn the timer on and off.  I find I remember to turn on the timer but often forget to turn it off.  I wish the Fitbit could intuitively determine from my heartrate that I’m no longer exercising and turn the timer off.  
  • I have the Fitbit Charge2.  It has a sporty look but sometimes I wish it were sleeker and lighter for appearances sake.

What Kylee hates about the Fitbit:

  • It’s not completely waterproof. I just know that one day I’m going to forget to take this little devil off and get in the shower with it so I would hope in the future they try to waterproof these things. Also swimming with them would be siiiccckk.
  • It catches on everything. Ok, ok, this one is kind of petty and the same could be said for any watch really, but the fact is, some mornings I can’t get my stupid arm through my jacket and that is just a hassle I don’t love dealing with.
  • Setting the workout. As Courtney pointed out, the Fitbit can track workouts automatically, but to ensure it picks up the full workout, you have to click to start it on the watch. Though Courtney may forget to end it, I more often forget to start it so it doesn’t track my full workout. It’s a bit frustrating to miss out on keeping track of those calories.

Courtney’s Score:  Love it heart-emoji

Kylee’s Score: Love it heart-emoji
Scale: Never again, Not worth it, Meh, Like it, Love it, Can’t Live Without It

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