Leveling Up with Paint Pots

Courtney & Kylee

Courtney has been using paint pots for years. Kylee…more like a month.

Paint pot by Mac on wooden table

Dusty Rose by MAC

Ok ladies out there, we’ve all fallen victim to the five o’clock shadow look. No, I’m not talking about some stubbly man beard, I’m talking about that end of the day look when your mascara starts slowly smearing off your face and your eyeliner is now magically lining that crease in your lid instead. What started as a killer look starts turning into premature raccoon eyes. Oh! But that is a problem of the past with the paint pots from MAC. For those of you who may not know, they are basically an eyelid/eyeshadow primer. And boy, do they prime. I just smear a little bit onto my eyelid and bam! I worry about the ole’ five shadow no more. It sure is nice to be able to walk out of the office at the end of the day confidently instead of ducking out the backdoor in shame or spending a suspiciously long time in the bathroom trying to touch it up (no lie, been there, done both situations). Plus, being someone who likes to look nice without spending tons of time putting on makeup in the morning, this is an easy, quick-on makeup product that doesn’t require me to have to think or watch too closely in the morning. Basically when I die, you can bury me in this stuff so I can go out with a long-lasting look.

I’ve been wearing MAC Cosmetics’ Paint Pots as an eyeshadow base for years. In fact, they are such a part of my routine that I forget it’s an extra step not everyone takes in their makeup application. But let me tell you….it is so worth it. The Paint Pots create a perfect base for eyeshadow application. Painterly and Bare Study are my “go to” colors. I’m blond and fair skinned and Painterly (a flat color) is particularly useful as a base. Bare Study (with a little shimmer) is amazing in the summer months when I have a light tan.

What Courtney loves about the paint pots:

  • They make my eye makeup last and last!
  • Can be worn alone. Try it out! It looks just as nice.
  • Enhances the look of my eyeshadow by giving it extra depth.

What Kylee loves about the paint pots:

  • Easy on. Like I said, early in the morning, I’m not one for highly technical makeup skills so being able to put this on quick and easy is a major plus.
  • Easy off. I hate taking my makeup off at the end of the day. Makeup remover can be greasy or irritate my eyes, so the fact that this primer comes just as easily off without too much scrubbing is a blessing.
  • Sharper colors. Because the paint pots come in colors, it really helps the eyeshadow overtop appear more full and vibrant without putting so many coats on.

What Courtney hates about the paint pots:

  • Honestly….nothing!  I use this product everyday!    

What Kylee hates about the paint pots:

  • Specific colors. For as great as it is to have specific color pots to bring out certain shadow colors, it’s also a bit of a pain to need individual primers for individual shadows.
  • Finger smearing. Ok, here we go again with the petty points, but though I could probably use a brush to apply the primer, the fact that it doesn’t come with a brush so I just use my finger is not my favorite.

Courtney’s Score:  Can’t live without it!!!!!!!!! heart-eyes

Kylee’s Score: Love it heart-emoji
Scale: Never again, Not worth it, Meh, Like it, Love it, Can’t Live Without It