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Top 2017 Home Design Trends

Courtney & Kylee

Everyone knows that the home design world is constantly reinventing itself. And with the start of a new year comes a whole slough of new design trends. Here are the three we’re most excited for:


Kylee’s Top 3:

  • Faux Finishes – I’m currently in the apartment phase of life with not a ton of budget nor time to devote to home decor and style. So when I noticed the sudden increase in faux finishes cropping up across stores like Home Depot, I’ve gotten super excited. I’ve seen faux finish marble tiles and even faux finish wooden beams for ceilings. It’s incredible. And though this might not be the ideal choice for certain people (I’m looking at you Courtney), it’s super exciting for us plebeians living on a much smaller budget. Pinterest quality rooms, here I come.


  • Marble Surfaces – Story time. So my freshman dorm was a brand new building where they seemed to go a little marble crazy. Countertops? Marble. Window Sills? Marble. Shower? Like showering in a very narrow marble coffin. Though the dorms may have been a little overkill, the look has grown on me. There’s something so pristine about marble that just gets me excited to design. Can I afford marble? That’d be a big fat no. But can I creep on it from afar? Ya dang straight I can.

Pineapples against a marble surface

  • Shedquarters – What’s better than one regular sized house? A little tiny house to match it! That’s right. Shedquarters are a sort of spin off of the whole tiny house fad sweeping the nation right now. Except instead of confining your entire living space into a shoebox with a toilet, you’re just moving one aspect to an unattached room. It’s basically pimping out your shed. Pets, in-laws, your significant other’s creepy doll collection? PUT EM IN DA SHED. So you go man-cavers, crafters, and aspiring gardeners. 2017 is gonna be your year!


Courtney’s Top 3:


  • Gray Palette. Our family is in the process of moving from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the desert of Nevada. We’ve bought a house and are super excited to make it our own. As part of that process, I hired an interior designer to help pick paint colors for our new home. Grays are in and we’re going to give it a whirl. Namely…Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams and accent color Anonymous by Sherwin Williams. We’ve always tended toward warm tones on our walls so this is quite a departure for us. In our exhaustive house hunting over the last 6 months, I often admired the contemporary gray palettes in new construction so I was super excited when the interior designer gave a thumbs up to using those tones in our new digs. Wish us luck!


  • Shabby Chic. Items with that “just rescued” look…are hot. They give a relaxed, comfortable vibe that makes your house a home. Think distressed finishes…really what could be simpler. I’m itching to get hold of a pair of worn shutters or a rusty, garden gate. The possibilities are endless and Pinterest just fuels the fire.


  • Think Green. There’s a definite shift to incorporating more greenery in our living spaces.  Terrariums are a big trend. Whether you prefer succulents or cacti or more standard foliage, terrariums are a great way to bring the outdoors in. They’re low maintenance and fascinating to watch grow over time.

Cacti and succulents in a copper pot