Shake It Up, Don’t Nick It Up

Courtney & Kylee

Courtney has been wearing a Grizzly Band brand ring for 1 month. Kylee has been wearing an off-brand silicone ring from Amazon for 3 months.


Stack of silicone rings on background


Ok, ok. So though my ideal morning is spent snuggled up in a warm bed as opposed to driving in the cold to the gym, I still make the trek 5 mornings a week (it’s every bit as painful as it sounds). But one thing that’s always been a bother, especially when lifting weights, has been my wedding ring. I love my ring and it’s beautiful, so of course I want it to stay that way. But grabbing the dumbbells I can just feel the metal scratching up against the other. It’s my personal version of nails on a chalkboard. Not to mention, putting it through the ringer (no pun intended) can lead to losing a stone. So when I saw these ring alternatives (thanks in part to my sister for introducing me to them), I had to try them out. Mine was $5 on the blessed miracle that is the Amazon store. Actually I got a pack of 4 different colored silicone rings. And they’re fabulous. Now I grab weights without a second thought. And if I hit my hand up against something I’m cringing from pain and embarrassment, not the thought of damaging my ring. Not to mention, they come in cool colors like pink, red, or purple if that’s your style. But, all in all, I completely own up to the fact that given all the pain points in my life, working out with a ring on is relatively low on my totem pole.


I’ve been a gym regular for some time. In particular, I love to lift weights, but it has taken a toll on my wedding ring-namely added scratches and nicks. My daughter gave me a Grizzly Ring to use in place of my wedding band at the gym. Can I tell you it’s a game changer. I knew my wedding ring was cutting into my hand but it wasn’t until I wore a silicone ring for a few workouts that I could truly appreciate how much more comfortable a Grizzly Ring could be. We also do a lot of boating in the summer months. My husband and I take our rings off so they don’t end up at the bottom of our favorite lake. But this ritual has always left both of us feeling oddly out of sorts.  Enter the Grizzly Ring. We can now leave our cherished rings at home and still honor the tradition of wearing a band. Perfect!


Silicone rings on pink background


What Courtney loves about the silicone rings:

  • Comfort! I had never noticed how much my wedding band was cutting into my hand while weight lifting until I switched to using a silicone ring like the Grizzly Ring.
  • It gives me an option of something to wear when I think there’s a chance my wedding band (or any valuable ring) may get scratched or lost.


What Kylee loves about the silicone rings:

  • The colors! Like I said, it’s kind of fun to venture out beyond grey and black and wear something a little fun and funky to your workout.
  • You’ll forget it’s there. After I put it on, I forget it’s on my finger. It’s so lightweight and slim that unlike my ring that falls side to side when I start to sweat, it stays perfectly in place.
  • Easy Wash. Again, captain sweaty here when I get my cardio going. So being able to rinse it off quickly once I get home helps me feel a little cleaner, and better about myself.


What Courtney hates about the silicone rings:

  • Remembering to switch it out for my wedding ring.  
  • Wish the Grizzly Ring came in some bright or neon colors.


What Kylee hates about the silicone rings:

  • Remembering it. Ditto to Courtney.
  • Size it up! Ok this one is kind of important. If you wear a half or quarter size, be sure to size up not down! My fingers swell a little as I work out and if I had gone a size smaller rather than larger, my finger probably would have turned black and fallen off around mile 2 on the treadmill.


Courtney’s Score:  Can’t live without it heart-eyes

Kylee’s Score: Like it thumbs-up
Scale: Never again, Not worth it, Meh, Like it, Love it, Can’t Live Without It