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Season’s Sniffings

Kylee & Courtney

Courtney enjoys tastefully lighting candles to warm the home. Kylee will burn two different scented candles at once because she likes to watch the world burn.

Does anyone else get super excited when Bath & Bodyworks releases their new season’s scents or is that just me? I may not be going to the mall every weekend, but whenever we do venture out, you can be sure at least 30 minutes are spent at B&B sniffing candles until my nose bleeds. And candles are really where my indecisive nature shines through. I mean after all, it’s seriously going to impact my life whether my kitchen smells like apples or teakwood. But in reality, I do thoroughly enjoy candles and think they are the easiest way to make a home feel just a little more cozy. Especially in the bleak, dark winter and a basement apartment filled with spiders. So without further ado, I present:

Our top 3 Spring Scents and an honorable mention from winter (because it’s never too early to start planning for next year).

Kylee’s top 3:

Three candles on blue background

  • Mahogany Coconut – Alright, so to those that know me this will probably come as no surprise. I am a major sucker for anything coconut (be it smell or flavor) and this candle is no different. But what really drew me to this scent was that it’s heavier than other typical coconut smells. Instead of fruity and tropical, it’s more sleek and sophisticated (if that makes any scents….see what I did there. Sorry, that was lame.). It’s stronger than I would expect without seeming overwhelming. With the rate that B&B rotates out their collections I will probably be stockpiling this candle so I have a supply for the next 10 years.
  • Honeysuckle Bouquet – For those more interested in the light and sweet scents, honeysuckle bouquet may just make your dreams come true. Now, part of the reason I love this one so much is it reminds me of living in Virginia during my childhood when my mom first showed me what honeysuckle flowers were and how to get that teeny, tiny sweet drop out of them. Years later I got the sweet experience of getting to show my husband the same magic from Mother Nature. But I digress. This scent is everything you’d expect from a spring scent: fresh, floral, refreshing, and definitely holding a place on my table this spring.
  • Watermelon Lemonade – So personally, although it has been released for their new spring collection I think this scent strikes me as a little more summery. But still, this scent is fantastic. I took one whiff and was immediately transported to a summer night bbq, away from work and stress and simply enjoying a night of good company and even better food. This candle is very sweet as well, perhaps a little too sweet, but I am excited nonetheless. However, it does not seem to give off as strong a scent as the other candles.

Winter fave: After a long few months of burning nothing but winter scents I must say my favorite of the season was smoked vanilla. Vanilla is always a great scent, but smoked vanilla rocked my whole world. It smells sweet, but not as sweet as the traditional vanilla bean. Like the mahogany coconut, there’s a little something heavier in there that really grounds the scent and even matures it in a way. Burning this one on cold winter nights always made me feel like some rich famous New Yorker preparing to throw their annual Christmas VIP party. I look forward to finding it on the shelves again next year!

Courtney’s take:

I am a candle FREAK! Love, love, love scented jar candles. I’m that person that walks into Bath and Body Works and CAN NOT leave until I’ve smelled every last one, even if it means fending off the employees at closing time. With that said, here are my top 3 picks for spring.

  • Honey & Tangerine – This is not a combination I would have ever dreamed up – but can I just say that it works. It’s light and sweet and perfect for spring. This candle gives off the perfect amount of scent. I was trying it out in my entryway but was catching whiffs of it back in my kitchen after just 45 minutes of burn time. I find that sometimes when you get into lighter spring and summer scents, they smell great in the jar but don’t deliver while burning. Let me just say though that Honey & Tangerine does the job!
  • Praline Pecan – Based on the description, I would have thought this a fall scent.  It’s got that “mom’s been making something yummy in the kitchen” quality. In fact, the gal running the register at Bath & Body Works, was going on and on about how this candle was one of her all time favorite Bath & Body Works candles. She kept saying, “It just reminds me of home.” I think she’s onto something there. Once I lit her up, Praline Pecan had a lighter scent than I expected  (I like my candles strong), but there’s definitely a homey quality not to be missed with this one.
  • Beach Cabana – It’s February. And long about now, I’m dreaming of summer sun and beaches and maybe a quick trip to Cancun to escape winter in the East. Cancun’s a little pricey this time of year but I can light up Beach Cabana and teleport to the white sands and turquoise waters of Mexico via this delightful scent. Maybe I could just hang the candle around my neck until July! With a base of jasmine and orange blossom, this candle is a definite nod to summer.

Here’s a shout out to my favorite winter scents:

Bath and Bodyworks candle on windowsill

Caramel Pumpkin Swirl may be my most favorite Bath & Body Works candle scent. For me, it’s one of those scents that simply says “home.” One of my other favorite Bath & Body Works candle scents is Winter. This one initially surprised me. The first Winter candle I had was a gift. I would not have bought it on my own, but now it has become one of my absolute favorites. It’s got this outdoorsy, winter wonderland, fireside thing going on that I can relate to in the dead of winter. Definitely a go to scent for cold weather.

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