Going Breadless

Kylee & Courtney

Both of us went 7 days. 7 whole days without bread.

Bread stick broken in half on table

If there’s one thing you can count on, you can always find me at restaurants with bottomless bread. My personal specialty is going to restaurants and filling up entirely on bread before I even get my order in and then continuing to eat until I hate myself. But on the plus side, it means I get to take home almost my entire meal for leftovers the next day. What a way to live. If one day I happen to die by choking on a breadstick, I wouldn’t even be mad. So as you can maybe guess at this point, breadless week was not one I approached with much excitement. However, I survived it, heart heavy, stomach griping. But I did it!

It started out fairly easy, work kept me occupied and distracted from missing one of my most beloved foods. I found other things to pack for lunch besides sandwiches and planned my dinner sides ahead of time so I wouldn’t be tempted later in the week. However, come the weekend, I struggled hard. At first, all I worried about was avoiding a restaurant that served breadsticks, but then I realized, no pizza. No buns. Nothing to bring me joy in life! It was a struggle, a battle of self will, but I made it to the end with zero cheating!


I LOVE bread. But lately, several celebrities have been touting the benefits of going breadless. Since I’m like every other female in the universe and obsess constantly about the number on my bathroom scale, I thought I might try nixing bread for a week- just to see what would happen. And, yes. I did lose 2 pounds after just 7 days. But was it worth it? Jury’s still out on that one! Like Kylee, I found it easiest to avoid bread during the workweek when I was making or packing my own meals. But, weekends were trouble. I like to eat out over the weekend (a reward for a workweek completed). The problem is…most restaurant food is bread based (burgers on fluffy buns, pasta and buttery breadsticks, pizza with chewy crust, and on and on). But, if you can refocus your taste buds on other foods the payoff is increased energy and and a trimmer figure. I can cut out bread for a period of time but for me it’s unrealistic to abstain from bread long term. I’d rather eat bread in moderation than remove it completely from my life!     


What Courtney loves about going breadless:

  • I lose weight when I stop eating bread…a HUGE plus, but I LOVE BREAD! For me it’s not realistic to cut bread out completely. However, I can cut back and find that doing so has a positive effect on my waistline.
  • Cutting back on bread and simple carbs increases my energy. It takes about 4-5 days (and you feel tired during the initial cut back) but once you get past that initial slump your energy level will soar.

What Kylee loves about going breadless:

  • Not a lot. But if I had to choose something I’d say increased energy. I didn’t necessarily get an energy boost after meals, but instead avoided having that awful food coma an hour after eating. After a few days, I stopped feeling that post-meal crash.
  • No fillers. Without bready sides I was able to focus on creating healthier sides and filling up on fruits and veggies, not simple carbs.
  • A little extra ring space. Believe it or not, carbs make your fingers swell. Now, I know there are a lot of things that can make your fingers swell, but I did see a noticeable difference when wearing my ring. It never felt tight or difficult to take on/off my finger.

Burgers with bread buns on counter

What Courtney hates about going breadless:

  • Everything! Is life really worth living without bread?
  • Dog breath. Seriously. If you cut out too many carbs in your diet, one of the side effects can be horrible breath.

What Kylee hates about going breadless:

  • Um, no bread!! It may have felt good to the body but that doesn’t mean it was easy. I love, love, love the taste of bread so giving it up was difficult, especially when eating out.



Kylee – It was nice, but at what cost? I do think I will start cutting back on the amount of bread I eat every week, including pounding breadsticks at Olive Garden, but I’m not going to cut it out of my life completely.
Courtney – There are definitely positive effects to cutting out bread if you can get through the initial withdraw. But cutting it out completely is a little unrealistic for me, I’ll focus on cutting back instead.

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