Listen Up with Audible

Kylee & Courtney

Kylee has been using audible for 3 months. Courtney has been using Audible for one.


Audible company logo


So for those of you who may know me well (or are starting to catch on), I’ve really started to turn away from music during workouts and instead spend my agonizing hours at the gym listening to podcasts. Those that also listen to podcasts will know that Audible sponsors a LOT of podcasts and thus gets talked about often. Finally, a few months ago I decided to take them up on their free trial offer. It was incredible. Though they don’t have every single book out there, they have a wide selection including almost every mainstream novel. Now it’s a challenge in the mornings to decide between listening to a podcast or listening to one of my books. But either way, Audible is definitely found a permanent place on my phone.


Kylee and I tend to agree on most things. But we have very different opinions about Audible. Audible does not work for me. At all. I tried it based on Kylee’s loving it so much. But I can not get into it. I started out by purchasing The Whistler by John Grisham. I’ve read a lot of his books and was looking forward to trying out his newest release on Audible. But I cannot seem to stay with listening to a book. I suspect the reason has to do with my being a visual and tactile learner. I struggle with things that are based solely on the auditory sense. So while trying Audible at the gym I found I would miss a ton of material because whatever was in front of my eyes would distract me from whatever was blasted through my earbuds. After a couple of sessions of trying to listen to The Whistler I thought maybe it was the choice of material that was the issue. So I purchased the classic, Wuthering Heights. No go. Same issue. So for me, Audible is not worth the monthly subscription fee. Some people love it but I’ll just stick to actually reading books.


Smartphone with headphones and audible logo


What Courtney loves about the Audible:

  • Convenient – I felt like it was reasonably priced and there was a great selection of things to listen to.
  • It’s Different – It’s a nice change of pace from listening to music…if you can stick with it!


What Kylee loves about the Audible:

  • Wide Selection – as I said, it doesn’t have everything under the sun, but if you’re looking for mainstream, it’s very likely that you’ll be in luck.
  • Easy Download  – They offer easy downloading so you can listen to it offline and at your convenience. No worries about eating up your data.
  • Still reading without reading – Working full time and balancing a husband, I don’t have tons of time to sit down and read anymore. So Audible allows me to still keep up with the latest novels without having to carve out tons of time physically sitting down and reading them. Now I multitask and roll it into my workout.


What Courtney hates about the Audible:

  • Not for the Visual Learners – I could not stay with it. My mind would start wondering and I would miss crucial facts.
  • One Voice – You’re stuck with the narrator’s voice for the entire book. So if you find the narrator’s voice grating or annoying, you have to suck it up for 1,000 pages!


What Kylee hates about the Audible:

  • You can’t buy on mobile – one thing I do really wish they would change is the ability to download/purchase books from the mobile app instead of having to log onto a computer every time it’s time to find another book.
  • Space Eater – So yes, you can download them so no more data crunching. But the bad news is that means space crunching on your device. Downloading books, especially large ones (thanks Outlander) can eat up a lot of precious storage room on your phone or tablet.


Courtney’s Score:  Not worth it.  😒


Kylee’s Score: Can’t Live Without It  heart eye emoji

Scale: Never again, Not worth it, Meh, Like it, Love it, Can’t Live Without It

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