Putting Pinterest to the Test: One-Pot Lasagna

Kylee & Courtney

I live on Pinterest! Love it. Especially love finding great new recipes. But that’s the trick isn’t it? Finding great recipes. There are some real duds out there. So Kylee and I decided to share our favorites. First up: One-Pan Skillet Lasagna by Meilssa Mondragon on no.2 pencil.

I thought it was a great family friendly recipe! Made it for my crew and it was a hit! Definitely one we will repeat. I went out on a limb and doubled the cheeses in the recipe. Probably was a little too much cheese (is there such a thing?) but certainly not a problem.


One pan skillet lasagna close up


So this was a recipe I had already tried and loved. It’s fantastic for me because given the choice between tomato and alfredo sauce, I would pick alfredo to my grave and then keep on picking it in heaven. So, it’s great because this is not a super tomato-y recipe. In fact – hehe – I cut out even more tomato by skipping the tomato paste all together and just sticking with the chicken broth and can of diced tomato. But it’s great because it’s A) fast B) Easy and C) one pan so very little to clean up after. It’s the perfect dinner when I get home from work starving and hangry and just want to whip up something quickly!


What Courtney loves about this recipe:

  • Filling. The ravioli and sausage make the dish substantial. Great for my teenage boys and husband.
  • Comforting. The cheesy goodness going on in this dish is really satisfying.
  • Quantity. Made enough to comfortably feed a hungry family of four. Add a loaf of crusty bread and salad and you’re good to go.
  • Easy. The recipe was simple to follow and calls for easy to find ingredients.


What Kylee loves about this recipe:

  • It’s cheesy – I. Love. Cheese. And this recipe has no shortage of it. It’s so great. I’ve actually experimented, trying cheese ravioli and cheese tortellini. Yeah, stick with the ravioli – it’s just a cheesier, more complete experience.
  • Little clean up – I love one pot meals and this is truly one pot. You basically just pour everything in at different times and voila. Cleaning up afterward is a breeze.
  • Refrigerates well – this is one meal I can always count on for leftovers. It stores well for a few days afterward which makes it a great workday lunch too.


What Courtney hates about this recipe:

  • Uses packaged ravioli from the grocery store’s refrigerator case. Can be a little pricey. But that’s the only negative I can find with this recipe.


What Kylee hates about his recipe:

  • It does use sausage – now from a taste standpoint I love sausage, but it can make the recipe greasy and definitely not the healthiest if that is your concern.
  • Packaged ravioli – Like Courtney said, it’s a fresher tasting pasta, but it definitely is more expensive than normally packaged pasta. Especially if you’re doubling or tripling the recipe.


Courtney’s Rating: Love it heart-emoji
Kylee’s Rating: Love it heart-emoji

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