Finding Freedom with Wireless Headphones

Kylee & Courtney

Courtney and Kylee have been using wireless headphones for 2 months.


I’m a little slow to grasp new technologies. Good thing I have kids. Kylee gave me bluetooth headphones for Christmas. I’d seen people using them in the gym but failed to grasp their usefulness. Two months in, all I can say is GAME CHANGER! How many times have I snagged my headphones on something in the gym or while cleaning house or cooking dinner? A zillion times at least. But now, I turn on a playlist and I’m FREE! Free to move, bend, squat, scrub, wipe, chop and whisk. Sweet!



I was so excited to try bluetooth headphones. And in some ways, it lived up to all the hype – lifting weights without having a cord was way easier, not ripping out my own headphones on accident while running was definitely refreshing. However, bluetooth comes with its own set of challenges. So the first pair I got from Skullcandy I actually ended up shorting within a few weeks – now granted they weren’t sweatproof, but they were meant for athletic wear so I was a little frustrated at how short lived they were. I also got wireless that has the horseshoe collar around the neck (like in the pic above)…yep that got frustrating flopping around my neck while running, almost yanking themselves out on their own. So while I think bluetooth is excellent and a great asset, I am also not head over heels in love with them either. I think I need to find a better brand/more athletic model before giving myself over to them completely. For now, I’ve gone back to sporting the classic Apple headphones.


What Courtney loves about bluetooth headphones:

  • NO CORDS! I didn’t think it would be that big a deal but it’s liberating to use bluetooth headphones. I’m hooked!


What Kylee loves about bluetooth headphones:

  • No cords. Just like Courtney, I love the freedom of walking around, picking stuff up without the constant threat of getting snagged somewhere.
  • Lightweight – I was afraid these headphones would be heavier than typical wireless, but to my surprise I barely notice they’re on once I get going


What Courtney hates about bluetooth headphones:

  • Short battery life. My set of bluetooth headphones needs to be recharged about every other use. A pain in the gears because the little rubber flap that covers the charging port is super small and not easily accessed so I have to use a pointy knife to get the job done.
  • The music skips on occasion. Not sure what’s going on with that. It may just be the pair I have.
  • My pair of bluetooth headphones has a thin wire connecting the two earbuds together which on occasion gets hung up on my collar or in my hair causing the buds to pop out of my ears. It’s trivial but it’s annoying. I’m guessing that if I had a pair like the Apple Airpod style earbuds I wouldn’t have that problem. But I’m not ready to fork over the $$$ to upgrade yet.


What Kylee hates about bluetooth headphones:

  • Battery life – Again, just like Courtney, it’s annoying to constantly have to charge. Now mine live a little longer than hers (I have a different pair), but it’s still a nuisance to have to remember to charge it every couple of uses
  • The Collar – So not all wireless buds have this (Courtney’s does not), but the collar meant to weight them down actually ends up flopping around my neck while running most of the time. It gets really annoying when the whole collar shifts to one side, pulling my earbuds out with it
  • Sweatproofing – I’m sweaty when I workout. There. I said it. And unfortunately with that territory comes the shorting out of headphones. Maybe this is just a “me” problem, but I really wish they had more water resistant pairs available.


Courtney’s Rating: Can’t Live Without them! heart-eyes    
Kylee’s Rating: Like itthumbs-up

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