Nail it with Zoya

Kylee & Courtney


Like most other women, I love me a good nail polish. But one of my biggest frustrations is spending hours applying and carefully drying polish only to have it chip off 3 hours later! I mean come on! So when Courtney suggested Zoya, I was more than willing to give it a go. Trying out two different colors on both toes and nails, I must say I’m impressed! It did seem to last longer on both my toes and fingers (in fact, my toe nails haven’t been repainted since and it’s been about 4 weeks). Not to mention, I’m a sucker for fun colors and nice packaging and Zoya definitely delivers on that. I mean check out the color below! Putting the Azalia color on made me feel like the fairy princess I was never destined to be! The color pictured below is Zahara.



I rarely paint my fingernails because I get frustrated with how quickly the polish chips. And sitting around waiting on polish to dry is not my MO. I’ve tried gel applications at the nail salon and loved them but after a few months I get tired of being dependent on going to the nail salon every two weeks. Not to mention the expense of having the gels applied.  Enter Zoya nail polish. I stumbled on the Zoya brand at my hairdresser’s salon. They had a great display at the checkout counter showing off the new winter color line that had just been released. I grabbed a rich purple (Belinda) because it was so appealing. What hooked me in the end, though, was the wear time. With Zoya polish, I get a good 4 days without chipping. At the end of 4 days, I’m ready for a color change anyway so Zoya polishes suit me just fine. I’ve tried many of their polishes and gotten the same great wear from each. I’ve also tried their base coat and top coat. The base coat and top coat are pretty good but I think the Sephora X brand base coat and top coat are better.

belinda colored nail polish


What Kylee loves about Zoya:

  • Long lasting – No nail polish is perfect, and Zoya still did chip after a few days, but it definitely lasted longer than my typical polish does. I was so impressed. It made it worth the work to put it on.
  • The colors – I get overwhelmed easily by choices and looking at all Zoya’s colors was a hard moment for me. I almost couldn’t handle all the pretty colors before my eyes. Can’t wait to try out more.


What Courtney loves about Zoya:

  • Colors and finishes. Zoya nail polishes are cutting edge! They have developed many different finishes and effects that you won’t find in other polishes (i.e. matte, pixie dust, etc.) and their range of colors is impressive.
  • Zoya polishes are specifically formulated for natural nail application so they stay on for a good 4 days!


What Kylee hates about Zoya:

  • Dry time – It wasn’t outrageously long, but I guess I was hoping for a bit of a faster dry time on my nails. Maybe the more accurate term for it is the “smudge zone” where at gentle tap it feels dry but will still smudge in a second if you’re not careful.


What Courtney hates about Zoya:

  • Drying time. But isn’t that the rub with all nail polishes unless you fork over the $ for gel applications. If Zoya could formulate a polish that would dry instantly they would have my undying devotion.


Kylee’s Rating: Like it! 
Courtney’s Rating: Like it 

18 thoughts on “Nail it with Zoya

  1. This is a lovely review! I don’t paint my nails very often either, because I hate seeing chipped colors! So if this doesn’t chip as easily, maybe it’s worth a shot 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


  2. This was very interesting to know about nail polish. I know my daughter uses it sometimes so it’s good to know the things she has to think about.


  3. I hate drying time of all nail polishes! I am going to have to check this out! I love having my nails done, hate everything about getting there or how bad they look after a day or so.


  4. I hate the drying time of all nail polishes! I have been looking for a new polish that doesn’t chip that fast because I love having my nails done!


  5. I agree, its the drying time that gets me. I love gel nails too, good grief it lasts a long time. But no matter what polish I use at home. I think its dry and the rub is it gets rubbed. So I usually stay clear unless I feel inclined to go to the shop.


  6. Zoya has been one of the top brands for quite some time. I think their polishes have great quality! I like their colors as well.


  7. I like painting my nails especially when I was younger. It’s really fun and it’s a great way to express yourself and show your personality! I think this is a great brand!


  8. Lovely review! I’m terrible at painting my nails, and the second it chips or dings it has to come off. It’s easier to just not paint them haha. But when I do, I love using Zoya, Essie or OPI polishes!



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