Fighting Winter Dryness with Eos

Kylee & Courtney

Kylee and Courtney have been using Eos chapstick for over 1 year.


We all have that one weird obsession and mine is definitely chapstick. I literally have a chapstick in every feasible location because, let’s be real, dry lips are the worst! I’m talking one in my purse, one in my car, one in my husband’s car, one in my backpack, one in every coat pocket, one in my makeup bag…you get the point. You can never be under-prepared when it comes to lip health. When the apocalypse hits, I might not have food or weapons, but you can bet I’ll be covered in the chapstick department! Which brings us to EOS. Out of all the many different chapsticks I own, it’s one of my favorites!


Eos chapstick on wooden counter top


The first time I saw EOS at the grocery store I had to stop and read the packaging to make out what it was. Chapstick! Get out. All I could think was “That will never make it!” Boy was I wrong. EOS has certainly made it big and I can’t say no to it.


What Kylee loves about EOS:

  • It lasts! I’ve tried many different chapstick brands and putting on EOS means I can get reliable coverage for hours!
  • Smells delicious. I’m a big sucker for sweet smelling chapsticks and EOS has some of the best scents I’ve ever smelled. Strawberry Sorbet and Sweet Mint are some of my faves, but I’ll take anything
  • It’s cute! Maybe it’s just because I’m in marketing, but I love nice packaging and EOS’s little egg shape is SO ADORABLE.


What Courtney loves about EOS:

  • The creamy lusciousness of the chapstick. It’s the real deal. And, as Kylee noted above, it lasts!
  • The flavors. Blueberry Acai is my all time favorite. But any of the berry flavored ones are great in my opinion. Not too crazy about the lemon and grapefruit ones I’ve tried.


What Kylee hates about EOS:

  • The bulky shape. So as much as I love the packaging, I won’t deny that it’s bulkier than most chapstick, sometimes making it difficult to stash in a pocket or purse without causing a bulge.
  • The expense. Now, EOS isn’t going to break your wallet. But regarding other chapstick brands, it’s definitely more expensive. But it lasts forever so it’s definitely a good investment.


What Courtney hates about EOS:

  • When you crack open a new EOS chapstick, it takes a few uses to get to the good stuff. The outermost layer of chapstick isn’t as moist as what lies beneath. After about 8 uses you get to the good stuff and you’re good to go.
  • I must be weird, but about halfway into an EOS chapstick, I lose the perfect rounded shape of the product and the chapstick becomes pointy. I only mention it because my husband has noted this peculiarity and laughed. I must have pointy lips.


Kylee’s Rating: Can’t live without it! 

Courtney’s Rating:  Can’t live without it! 

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