Going Caveman with Paleo!

Courtney & Kylee

Courtney and Kylee tried a strict Paleo diet for 7 days.


Bring on the Caveman! For some reason, going breadless for a week was torture. But, Paleo week was a breeze. Not sure why, because when you look at it objectively, the two “diets” exclude bread. I wonder if the reason Paleo week was easier is because the emphasis is on meat, veggies, fruit, and nuts while avoiding processed foods (simple carbs). Breadless week was focused on knocking out bread and not necessarily all the other simple carbs that significantly fuel false appetite. I could do Paleo for an extended amount of time. No problem. Paleo also helped me lose a little weight. Quite honestly, I’m planning on going Paleo for an extended amount of time. When I cut out simple carbs and focus on protein and veggies my energy level improves dramatically. Losing weight and increasing my energy level? Now, that’s a win/win for me!



I agree…to an extent. For some reason, this time around getting rid of bread wasn’t as big of a struggle, but that could be because there were so many other foods to bemoan the loss of. Going in, I was worried about cutting out beans, bread, and sugar, but it surprisingly didn’t bother me as much as I thought. Yes, the weekend was still by far the hardest for me (eating out is a little harder on Paleo. Shocker, I know) but during the work week I actually didn’t find it so hard, as long as I planned my meals in advance, instead of waiting for the day of to decide. That being said, I don’t think I’ll continue this long term, at least all the way.


What Courtney Loves:

  • The natural weight loss that occurs when I eat Paleo!
  • The increased energy I get from eating Paleo (after day 3-4)!
  • The knowledge that I’m doing something healthy for my body by focusing on real, whole foods and cutting out the processed, man made junk that’s such a part of the American diet.


What Kylee Loves:

  • Cutting out the processed. Yes it sucks and your body will hate you the first few days, but if you can get over the hump, you’ll start feeling amazing. I started feeling so confident knowing that I could say no to a cookie.
  • Fresh tastes. Going on Paleo actually forced me to eat more fruits and veggies than I had been eating weeks prior. It was surprisingly refreshing to introduce long forgotten tastes and explore new fruit and veggie combos.


What Courtney Hates:

  • I LOVE sugar so cutting out the bread and simple carbs takes some willpower and thought at first. But, once I get past day 3-4, the Paleo momentum gets going and it gets much easier.
  • Finding alternatives to bread and french fries when eating out. But, usually, if you steer away from straight up fast food, there are alternatives. For instance, the lemon broccoli side at TGI Friday’s is an excellent replacement for fries. Love it!     


What Kylee Hates:

  • You do have to plan in advance. At least for me, there’s no margin of error on this one. If I don’t know exactly what I’m going to be eating by the night before, I struggle both with self control and hunger the next day. It’s a little more time consuming that way.
  • The initial days are the worst. Cutting out sugar makes your body really grumpy while it’s getting used to a new life of processed-sugar-free. It made me a little irritable, but once I was over it, I felt so much more empowered.
  • A little more expensive. Because you can’t really rely on tons of prepacked food, freezer meals, or easy desserts, I noticed a small uptick in my grocery bill. But I’d still say it was worth it.

2 thoughts on “Going Caveman with Paleo!

  1. I have never exactly understood what Paleo is but have heard good things. My body hangs onto every calorie from bread and processed carbs so I am guessing it would be good for my waistline!


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