Killer Cardio Playlist

Kylee & Courtney

We’re pitting our music tastes against each other in this battle of the cardio playlists. Which playlist gets you to your second wind?


We all know working out isn’t the most fun activity. But one of the things that can push me through a sprint or climbing an endless hill on the spin bike, is a killer audio track. My cardio playlist is a mix of newer hits and a little older songs that still have the beat to inspire me. And of course, all of my songs are upbeat because no matter how much I like a good ballad, it’s not enough to get me through the last mile. For all you similar minded gym junkies, this playlist may just help out a little bit.



Nothing moves me along in the gym like a great playlist. Here are a dozen or so of my go to songs to energize the hours spent on the treadmill. You’ll find some older classics like Lady Gaga along with some newer beats. Which playlist do you like better? Let us know which on of ours keeps you sweating!

5 thoughts on “Killer Cardio Playlist

  1. I love spin class so much! Well…. the results it gives me. Lol… it is definitely my favorite kind of workout though. The music seriously does make all the difference, though. Thanks for this..will have to check this out later!


      1. Same here!! totally addicted and feel guilty if I miss a week but also always feel SO much better afterwards and then I feel like I’m done for the week if I need to be lol


  2. Having a great playlist is a must in order to have a great workout! Thanks for sharing your playlist. About to go check it out!


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