Get Sudsy with Our Favorite Shampoo Picks

Courtney & Kylee


I wash my hair every day. It’s a bit of an obsession with me. I am not a person who can get by with a few squirts of dry shampoo and call it good. My hair is thick, dry and color treated so I constantly fight frizz and general unruliness. With that said, the shampoo I use becomes critical. Especially since we have hard water in our area. A few years ago, I decided to “splurge” and buy a “better” shampoo. My sister-in-law (an experienced hairdresser) had always recommended Paul Mitchell hair products. So I spent a few extra minutes in the hair care aisle at our grocery store and read all the Paul Mitchell shampoo labels. I ended up buying the Color Protect Daily Shampoo. Not sure what makes this shampoo work so well with my hair but I’ve been buying it for years now and it still delivers.

What Courtney likes:

  • Works extremely well in hard water.
  • Keeps my hair smooth. The minute I try a different shampoo I can tell. The frizz becomes much more pronounced.
  • Most reasonably priced “salon” quality shampoo I’ve found.


What Courtney hates:

  • Obviously, nothing or I would have changed brands a long time ago!


Much like my mom, I can’t go more than one day without washing my hair (minus the occasional Saturday morning sleep in). My hair gets oily and gross very fast. Not to mention that do to my usual style of straightening the life out of it, I get split ends quickly too. Usually I don’t think much of the shampoo I buy, but fed up with split ends and breaking hair, I finally grabbed one I was hoping would help: Tresemme’s Moisture Rich Shampoo. And all I can say is that it definitely delivers on its promise!


tresemme moisture rich shampoo


What Kylee likes:

  • It’s cheap. As far as shampoos go, Tresemme is a great buy. It’s never more than $6 and lasts forever!
  • It’s easy to find. You can find Tresemme products in just about every store nowadays so you don’t have to go to a salon to find it.
  • It fights split ends! Now, it’s not perfect and I still do get split ends, but now the length of time I can go between haircuts is much longer and the splits aren’t as dry and prominent as they were before.


What Kylee hates:

  • There’s only so much shelf space allotted to Tresemme products so every once in awhile when I go to the store it seems the Moisture Rich version has been bumped out for something else and I have to find a similar product by them instead.

2 thoughts on “Get Sudsy with Our Favorite Shampoo Picks

  1. i guess there are perks to curly hair because i do not like washing my hair. i get by washing it once maybe every 7-10 days…then my stylist introduced me to davines dry shampoo and i found i can go even longer!


  2. I’ve never tried any Paul Mitchell brand shampoos. The one you mentioned sounds like something I could definitely use. We also have hard water in our area and my hair is color treated.


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