Pinterest Recipe Review: Beef & Broccoli

Courtney & Kylee

This month’s recipe review was Courtney’s pick.



I LOVE Pinterest! I spend a LOT of time pinning. My favorite thing to pin (and drool over) are new recipes. But, alas, not all recipes are worth my while (or yours)! There are some real duds out there…and some real winners! Seeing as we (Kylee and I) strive to focus on the positive, we wanted to share our favorite, tried and true main dish recipes from Pinterest. My family LOVES Beef with Broccoli from I make it about once a month. It is uncomplicated, incredibly delicious, easy to make, and healthy (there’s green stuff in there). So give it a whirl. You’ll be glad you did!


I’m a sucker for delicious Chinese food. In fact, I would probably live under PF Chang’s tables if I could get away with it! But I’ve NEVER had good luck when making my own home cooked ethnic foods (Chinese or otherwise), so I was really hesitant to try out this recipe. However, I can confirm it’s worth it! Being perhaps one of the lazier chefs in the world, I almost cried when I saw how easy the recipe was and how little time it took to prepare. And clean up was a breeze with this one-skillet recipe essentially!



What Courtney loves:

  • I’ve tried making Chinese dishes at home before and they were complicated and involved too many pans and complicated steps and ingredients. Beef with Broccoli is pretty straight forward. I completed the recipe with a skillet, plate and one bowl.
  • I can not believe how tasty and tender the meat is when prepared for this dish. We’re talking delectable. *Note: For best results, make sure to give yourself enough time to marinate the flank steak for an hour before preparing. Truth be told, I’ve skipped marinating the meat and it still turned out amazing but the meat is extra tender if you give it the time to sit in the sauce. **Note: I’ve also substituted soda pop for the cooking sherry in the recipe and still gotten great results.
  • There’s broccoli in the recipe. Broccoli is uber healthy. When I find recipes featuring broccoli, I always feel like I’m doing something extra special for my family!
  • Everyone loves it! Cook up some rice to go under the Beef and Broccoli and you’re pretty set for dinner. I also add a bowl of fresh pineapple cut into chunks. Delicious and a great splash of color!


What Kylee loves:

  • It’s super cheap (with modification)! So, I hate spending tons of money on food, so instead of flank steak, I actually ended up substituting for a cheaper steak cut and everything still tasted great so it’s perfect if you’re on a tight budget.
  • It’s so fast! I usually end up adding an extra 20 minutes to every time estimator on recipes cause I guess I move more slowly but this one truly was an easy meal
  • It’s filling! My husband is a bigtime meat lover and if a meal doesn’t have enough, he gets cranky. But both of us loved it and kept us full without getting into hangry territory.


What Courtney hates:

  • Even though the recipe calls for using low sodium soy sauce, I feel a little bloated after eating Beef with Broccoli. Maybe I’m just eating too much of it!  😉


What Kylee hates:

  • The marinating. I agree, it’s definitely worth marinating the steak, it’s so tender with it there. But as a cook I personally like to get it all done in one fell swoop so having to wait an hour to marinate pains me a little.
  • Low-sodium soy sauce. Ok, so this one was actually my own fault. It specifically says to use low-sodium, but being the salt junky I am decided I was stronger than that. I was wrong. It won’t kill you, but I would strongly recommend using low-sodium or it is REALLY salty so you keep downing water the rest of the night.


Courtney’s rating: Can’t live without it! 
Kylee’s rating: Loved it! 

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