Spritz it Up with Our Favorite Perfume

Courtney & Kylee


I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a scent freak. I’m really into scented candles. But my obsession with scent doesn’t end with jar candles. I also love really good perfume. Well, at least the stuff you can get in a high end department store. I’ve tried a few over the years. Usually a splurge I buy for myself at Christmas and jam into my stocking…a little self indulgence. So I’m perusing the options after Thanksgiving and a lovely sales lady approached to ask if I was familiar with Michael Kors “Wonderlust.” Now I’ve drooled over Michael Kors handbags, shoes, and the like for a while. Whoever designs for that label has a style I find especially chic and sophisticated with the perfect touch of edginess. Love it! So of course I was all about trying the new fragrance that was “flying off the shelves” as the lovely sales lady stated. Wonderlust is described as “deeply romantic, a blend of luxurious blossoms mingled with delectably spiced notes that melt into a warm finish of exotic woods.” Ditto, that! There is something about Wonderlust that is simply captivating and romantic and lush. I’ve never considered a perfume my signature scent…until now. Wonderlust speaks to me and for the first time I feel like I’ve found a scent I could live in 24/7. Love it! Absolutely, love it!     


Michael Kors wonderlust perfume


What Courtney likes:

  • Love and must have that scent! It’s got a creamy note and exotic feel that I love.
  • The bottle is elegant and chic. Very appealing. Looks great on my bathroom counter.


What Courtney hates:

  • The perfume is absolutely yummy, but so expensive! For the price you pay it SHOULD be amazing!
  • Not a fan of the lotion version of the scent. It’s off somehow and not a great moisturizer. Of course, that’s the issue I have with all lotion versions of high end perfumes.


As someone who is always self concious that I smell bad compared to others (working in close quarters doesn’t help!), perfume becomes a must have for me. In fact, in a way it’s a bit of an obsession. I have an entire desktop full of different perfumes and body sprays (I guess you could say I am my mother’s daughter). And though I always love me a good coconut smell, my favorite perfume is a touch more edgy than that. It’s from none other than Victoria’s Secret’s Eau So Sexy. And though Sexy is in the name, it’s definitely not so overpowering as to be embarrassing to wear to work, social events, or date night. It’s fun and a powerfully feminine scent so you definitely don’t need too much, which just means it lasts that much longer. If you want a youthful scent that is sure to allure, this is the scent for you.


Eau so sexy vs perfume


What Kylee likes:

  • It’s versatile! Flirty enough for date night but still well rounded enough for casual events
  • Powerful. It’s strong enough to ensure you just need a spritz, and it won’t fade away by the time you walk out the door!


What Kylee hates:

  • The name. Yes, it is very VS, but it’s a little embarrassing when girls ask what I’m wearing to say that outloud.

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