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Our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Courtney & Kylee


Like most other moms, I’ve baked cookies for decades. And for decades I’ve struggled to get uniform size and perfectly pale bottoms on my baked goods. Until I invested in parchment paper and a cookie scoop. Revolutionary! How is it possible that I had never thought to use either of these kitchen implements. Through some miracle of science, parchment paper helps keep cookie bottoms from getting scorched or overcooked. And, the cookie scoop! How simple a device and how perfect the results. My cookies look like something from a bakery…so perfectly uniform. Move over Mrs. Fields. Surprisingly, neither of these kitchen gadgets costs much. The parchment paper can be used over and over again and if you buy a sturdy cookie scoop it should last you for years. Both are definitely worth the investment.



What Courtney loves about parchment paper and cookie scoops:

  • Cookie scoops come in a variety of sizes. So, you can make ’em dainty or mammoth.
  • Large cookie scoops can be used to scoop muffin batter too.
  • Parchment paper can be used over and over again.
  • Bonus: Using parchment paper means you don’t have to clean cookie sheets when you’re done baking.


What Courtney hates about parchment paper and cookie scoops:

  • Parchment paper comes rolled on a tube or in large sheets. I end up having to cut the parchment paper to fit my cookie sheets. It takes a minute or two to size the parchment paper to the pan but in the end it saves on clean up so the time investment is worth it.
  • Cookie scoops are a pain to clean. Dough tends to be sticky so gets caught in the release mechanism on the scoop. The scoops are usually dishwasher safe but I tend to hand wash them to keep them looking nice. Your call.


It’s no secret that I’m not the most coordinated person on the planet, I still cringe thinking about the time I dropped an entire pie onto the ground (and of course it landed cream side down). So one of my biggest problems in the kitchen is pulling things out of the oven. I need to ensure I have a solid grip before removing it, but it’s a little difficult given it’s a hot metal pan. I used to burn myself almost every time I tried to pull out a pan of cookies or skillet of chicken. But that all changed with the Ove Glove. Yes, it is one of those lame “as seen on TV” products but I’m telling you right now it works! And if anyone else struggles with slippery hands sometimes, it will feel heaven sent!


Ove glove and package


What Kylee loves about the Ove Glove:

  • It lasts forever. Unlike other hot pads and mitts that get burnt up or worn through, this baby will last you for years
  • It’s grippy! Those blue lines? Yep, they’re extra grippy material to make hot pans slipping through your fingers nearly impossible!
  • Freedom. Unlike mitts and hotpads, your fingers are free to roam without fear of touching the hot surface. It has really helped me get a good grip before pulling it out of the oven.


What Kylee hates:

  • It’s ugly. Yes, it’s a petty thing to ask for, but with so many cute oven mitts out there, I really wish the Ove Glove was a bit prettier to have around the kitchen.

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