Testing the Nike Training App

Courtney & Kylee

So Kylee and I decided to set aside our regular fitness programs and give the Nike+ Training App a go. I’ve tried another hugely popular training app for my phone but wasn’t aware that Nike had developed one until Kylee mentioned I should try it. Let me start by saying that I think the concept of fitness apps is terrific. Especially if you are new to fitness. For me though, they don’t quite carry the day simply because I’ve spent 3 years fine tuning a weight training program that’s effective. So I’m a little focused on using what works. But I have to admit that I think the Nike+ Training App is well put together.
Ever since Freshman year of college, I’ve known I needed to get a fitness app on my phone. As Courtney alluded, for those that have been working out for some time, it’s no substitute for hitting the gym, however, I always keep it handy on my phone for days I don’t feel as well, when the weather conditions are too dangerous to drive to the gym, or when I’m just looking to get a good sweat while taking it easier for a day. Nike+ Training is the only fitness app (besides the Fitbit app) that has lasted on my phone for longer than a month. It’s an excellent resource for those of all fitness levels.
What Courtney loves about the Nike+ Training App:
  •  The visuals are extremely helpful! If you haven’t used weights before or are new to working out, this is the app for you. I loved the visual guidance that went along with each exercise. Proper form is vital in weight training and the Nike+ Training App does a fantastic job of teaching proper form.
  • I loved that the app worked with my music library. By giving the app access to my songs, there was a steady flow of music to listen to while completing the workout.
  • I love that the app tracks your workouts and gives you options and intensity choices. If you need a lighter workout, there are options to keep you moving while lowering the intensity of the exercises you’re using. Sometimes you just need an easy day.

What Kylee loves about the Nike+ Training App:

  • It lets you choose an area of focus. Whether you’re looking to improve your endurance, flexibility, or strength, the app has workouts geared to each category. And it’s clear and easy to follow so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Easy to understand ratings. The app does an excellent job of allowing users to filter and giving them a quick summary so you know exactly how hard and how long each exercise is.
  • Video demonstrations. The video is integrated seamlessly into the workout so you can follow along without worrying about figuring out what each move is on your own or pausing to look it up.
  • It’s free!! It’s great for those wanting to get into fitness. Instead of putting tons down on a gym, you can have free workouts right at your fingertips.
What Courtney hates about the Nike+ Training App:
  • This next statement is more about phone fitness apps generally speaking. I don’t get into phone based training apps. I’m not a fan of having to constantly refer to my phone while in the gym. Having to constantly refer to my phone while trying to keep my heart rate up or trying to work a specific muscle group just doesn’t work for me.
  • It’s hard to find the right level workout when you’re first starting a new fitness app. For instance, the beginner app I chose for my first workout wasn’t challenging enough. As a result I wasted an entire workout. That’s precious time for me. You have to be willing to take a few workouts to find the right starting point when beginning a new app.

What Kylee hates about the Nike+ Training App:

  • You have to download first. I made that mistake. I didn’t realize you have to download the workout (mostly for the videos) before you can play it. It’s a little annoying when you’re on a strict time crunch.
  • You can’t skip forward. Sometimes, especially with fitness apps, I like crunching two different workouts together to get a more rounded approach. Unfortunately though this app doesn’t let you skip ahead so, for example, when I’m moving on to workout number 2, I have to sit through the whole warm up sequence again.


Courtney’s Rating on the Nike+ Fitness App: Meh  😑

Kylee’s Rating on the Nike+ Fitness App: Love it! 


Scale: Never again, Not worth it, Meh, Like it, Love it, Can’t Live Without It

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