Pinterest Pick: Our Favorite Snack Recipes

Courtney & Kylee

We’re back once again with our favorite Pinterest installment. This week is all about the snacks!


You know you have a winning recipe when friends and family request you bring it to their party or gathering. Enter my favorite munchie recipe from Pinterest…Ranch Pretzels. I get asked to bring these savory babies to family occasions and friendly shindigs all the time. The best thing about Ranch Pretzels is that they’re seriously easy to make and require only 4 ingredients. My kind of kitchen magic! See for the recipe.



What Courtney loves about Ranch Pretzels:

  • Easy to make. If you can turn on the oven and stir, you’re good to go.
  • Very few ingredients (The basic recipe calls for pretzels, canola oil, and a packet of Ranch dressing mix. I’ve tried a variation of the recipe that adds 1 teaspoon garlic salt. A nice addition in my opinion.)
  • Ranch Pretzels keep well in Tupperware style containers.
  • These taste far better than any pre-packaged version from the grocery store.


What Courtney hates about Ranch Pretzels:

  • They are a tiny bit oily feeling (in your hand) so have napkins nearby.
  • They stay with you a little bit so have a mint handy. But, I’ve never heard anyone complain. They were too busy eating the entire bowl of Ranch Pretzels!


So my snack may be a little heartier than pretzel sticks but I would personally say they’re more delicious ;). I tried cheesy pepperoni pizza sticks by I Wash You Dry not too long ago and now I can’t stop making them. They’re seriously like an addiction. I am a big fan of all things Pillsbury, so when I saw this easy recipe that utilizes their delicious, buttery dough, I was immediately sold. Not to overhype them, but for any pizza lover, you might just be willing to sell your soul for these delicious snacks.



What Kylee loves about Pizza Sticks:

  • They’re simple! Just like Courtney, I’m all about easy, simple recipes. And these are low ingredient, easy to put together treats.
  • They’re customizable. Yes, this recipe is for pepperoni, but if that’s not your style, this recipe makes it easy to switch out toppings and dips for your preference.
  • You can make it into a meal. Pro tip: if you want these guys for more than just a snack it’s easy! Basically, just leave it as one big pizza dough and pack it full of ingredients to make one big stromboli roll instead.


What Kylee hates about Pizza Sticks:

  • They can be greasy. With the delicious butter on top and the greasy pepperonis inside, I’ve noticed sometimes if I OD on one of those two ingredients, I get a very greasy stick.
  • They require bake time. If you’re truly looking for a fast and quick snack, these guys aren’t it. Yes, they’re easy to throw together, but the bake time required makes them a little more in-depth than your average snack.

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