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April Product Highlight

Kylee & Courtney

This is Kylee & Courtney’s pick of the month. There was no paid sponsorship for these posts. The thoughts and opinions are completely their own.

Kylee’s Product Pick for April: Jessica Simpson Leggings


One of my new obsessions this spring has been Jessica Simpson leggings. I got them on a whim because they were on sale and they looked cute and that was our meet-cute I guess you could say. I have the fleece lined leggings and they are one of my favorite pair of fashion leggings (athletic leggings are a whole different story). The fleece lined leggings are perfect for spring because they’re warmer than regular leggings, great for the chilly mornings, or if you’re just cold all the time like me. Because they are thicker, I also don’t have to worry about the dreaded “stretch out see through” debacle. To bend over, or not to bend over. There’s no worries with these bottoms.


Model wearing jessica simpson leggings


What Kylee loves:

  • They’re affordable. For the price I’ve seen some leggings go for, I’m so happy with the price of these. Especially because lower price doesn’t mean lower quality in this case.
  • The styles. There’s so many different styles. Again, I’m purely talking the fashion leggings here, not athletic ones. But I love all the options to choose from.


What Kylee hates:

  • They’re not good for summer. Now the heat hasn’t cranked up yet, but give it another month and I’ll probably have to put them away for the season because the fleece lining will cause me to overheat!
  • Stores are limited. So far I’ve only seen these leggings in maybe 2 stores – and the variety varies. I wish they would expand their reach because when it comes to clothes, I like to see and touch before purchasing, no online for me.
  • It’s not that they’re less stretchy per se, but they are a little more difficult to put on given the thicker fleece lining compared to regular leggings.


Courtney’s Product Pick for April: Himalayan Heated Massage Stones


I’m not too prone to impulse buys. But, I totally caved two weeks ago (and glad I did). I was innocently walking through the grocery store when I was drawn to an end cap aglow in amber light. On display was a series of salt lamps. I had recently seen them while house hunting in Nevada and I think they are super cool. Now maybe I was in a weakened state because of muscle soreness from a hard workout the day before. Maybe I was mesmerized by the amber glow. But when I saw that some genius had taken the idea of a salt lamp and turned it into an instrument of warmth and pleasure I couldn’t resist. Not only are there salt lamps you can use in your home but now the concept has been extended to a lamp plus five small salt balls (stones) that get warmed by a light bulb and can be used to massage sore muscles. Oh, I’m in! This particular day when I caved and purchased the massage lamp, it was cool and rainy outside. I picked up one of the warm stones and just stood in the middle of the store and held it for a few minutes. Heaven! My hands were warm. (I’m one of those odd people who always have cold hands and feet. Basically, I’m always cold.) I’m also often sore from pushing myself at the gym. The idea of having a bowl full of these warm little muscle massagers is delightful. You can even place them on the floor and roll your foot over them as a form of foot massage. You can find one of these gems at



What Courtney loves about Himalayan heated massage stones:

  • I’m in love with these little puppies. Talk about relaxing. I can just sit on the couch holding a warm stone and life suddenly seems better!
  • The heating unit and stones look warm and inviting. There’s something about that amber glow!
  • It is sooooo relaxing to take a warm stone and massage your tense neck and sore feet at the end of a long day. You can even use a warm stone on the acupressure points in your hand to relax your whole body (there’s a booklet of ideas included with the lamp).


What Courtney hates about Himalayan heated massage stones:

  • Be careful. The stones are heavy. If one falls out of the bowl and onto a tile floor I could easily see it cracking ceramic tile. I’ve opted to set mine on a side table over a carpeted area.
  • The bowl and 5 balls look like stone but they are made of salt and as such there may be slight imperfections in the surface of your unit and stones. My bowl had a patch of what looked like crystallized salt on the exterior. It’s just a natural imperfection.

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