Pinterest Review: Favorite Breakfast Recipes

Kylee & Courtney


Breakfast is probably one of my favorite meals on this whole planet, not going to lie. I could practically eat pancakes for every single meal if I wouldn’t get diabetes from it. So exploring Pinterest’s breakfast menus already had me excited. But deep down in my heart I already knew what my favorite Pinterest breakfast dish was going to be. In fact it’s one of the first dishes I ever tried on Pinterest and I find myself going back to it time and time again. It’s the cheesy tator tot breakfast bake by Chew Out Loud.



What Kylee loves about this dish:

  • It’s easy. I’m the queen of easy baking and this breakfast casserole is so great. You make the pieces quickly and throw it all into the oven. Then just wait till it’s done. That simple.
  • Makes a lot for little. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get such a big dish with this recipe.
  • Leftovers for dayssssss. And on that same note as above, you get a lot so you get to spread it out over a few days (if you have a small family). And it reheats beautifully.
  • You can make it ahead of time. If you’re big on prepping, you can also make the dish and put it in the fridge for a day and bake it the next.

What Kylee hates:

  • It’s not healthy. I guess you can’t have everything. And though healthiness isn’t the be all, end all of all of my decision making, it would be nicer to binge this guilt free.
  • If you add a little too much egg, it can get a little…watery almost. So generally, I err on the side of skimpy when it comes to adding the liquid-y ingredients.


Heaven on earth is a warm, gooey cinnamon roll for breakfast! And I found the recipe to end all searches on Pinterest. I think you’ve heard me extol the virtues of The Pioneer Woman and her amazing recipes. Let me just tell you that one of her all time most popular recipes is for cinnamon rolls. The breakfast of champions! I’m not into labor intensive baking. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that cinnamon rolls could easily be made at home. The Pioneer Woman has the method to make those delightful rolls a reality in your kitchen too!



What Courtney loves about The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Roll Recipe:

  • You can make the dough ahead of time. It can sit in your refrigerator for a few days until you’re ready to use it.
  • The dough takes very little time and effort to make.
  • The recipe makes a ton of cinnamon rolls. You’ll have plenty to share or freeze for later.
  • The icing is fantastic! I took a pan of these to work and a co-worker (known for her baking skill) asked for the recipe. That’s how I knew I had a winner on my hands.

What Courtney hates about The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Roll Recipe:

  • They are a little messy to make (it took a while to get all the filling off my kitchen counters). But sooooo worth the effort!
  • Her icing calls for coffee. I don’t drink coffee so I substituted rootbeer for the coffee. Would you believe the icing was amazing!  
  • The recipe makes a ton of cinnamon rolls. If you don’t mind giving them to friends or freezing a pan or two, it’s a positive, but if you’d rather not spend that much time in the kitchen making sweet rolls, consider halving the recipe.

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