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6 Unique Mother’s Day Ideas

Courtney & Kylee

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t figured out what to do for that special mom in your life…here’s a quick rundown of my personal favorite things to give and receive.


#1. Shari’s Berries! A few years back I was stressing about what to do for Mother’s Day for my mom and mother-in-law. Both my moms live far away. In the past, I’d struggled to come up with something to commemorate the day and yet not cost an arm and leg. One evening in late April, an ad popped across my computer screen for Shari’s Berries. Hmmmm! Here was an interesting thought. Would spectacular strawberries appropriately communicate my appreciation for my moms? From the enthusiastic response I got from both, I’d say YES! Both my mom and mother-in-law loved the chocolate covered fruit. It was a hit. Now it’s become my tradition to send them Shari’s Berries on Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!



#2. Flower Baskets! I love flowers and look forward every Mother’s Day to receiving two baskets brimming with flowers for my back patio. It’s a tradition that goes way back in our family and one I truly enjoy. Each year, the kids try to hide the flowers from me until Mother’s Day. I remember one recent Mother’s Day I was sweeping the garage on Saturday morning wondering where the fuscia blooms had come from since I didn’t have any fuscia plants at the house. Silly me. It didn’t dawn on me until about two seconds before the kids brought out the flower baskets that the blooms on the garage floor were from the baskets they were about to give me. It made me laugh and I shared with my family my confusion over the blooms I had swept up the day before.


#3. Gift Certificate for a Facial! Not sure about you, but in my book pure indulgence is a facial. I had never had one until about two years ago. Was I ever missing out! There is nothing as relaxing and over the top as having someone give you a facial. I had always assumed that a massage would be the pinnacle of self care…but not so. There is something infinitely more relaxing about a facial. The products smell fantastic, the room is darkened, the aesthetician (if they are any good) will chat briefly then let you relax and enjoy the experience. And, it is an experience. The ones I’ve had end with a neck massage, foot massage, and hand massage. Then the lovely aesthetician even brings you a glass of cool water. It’s amazing and the perfect gift to give a mom on Mother’s Day.     


Now not being a mother myself, I have yet to receive Mother’s Day presents. However, after years of gifting, I’d like to consider myself at least a decent gift giver. Each mother is different, but for anyone looking for some new ideas, here’s a few of my top gifts to give.


#1. Mama’s Bear Necklace. Yes, jewelry is nothing new to the Mother’s Day giving extravaganza, but this particular piece really caught my eye. Obviously it will depend on your mother, but I think this is a great spin on those stick figure families you put on the back of your minivan. It’s tasteful, but still a more personalized way to have the mom in your life represent her family.


#2. The Trackr. Ok here’s a little something new and unconventional. I haven’t personally tried this, but I have friends who have and loved it. For the mom that’s maybe not so into clothes, fashion, and jewelry, try a Trackr. It’s a smart little device that you can attach to your keys or wallet to find anything missing instantly. It’s perfect for the mom that always seems to be running late or have little ones misplacing their things.


#3. Tea Light Holders. For the mom that loves home goods, tea light holders are a great way to go. Ranging in price and style, you can find exactly what matches her home, spending as little or as much as you want. There’s so many cute tea light holders out there that you can find them online or almost any home goods store.

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