Our Fave Brow Products

Courtney & Kylee


Not sure if you noticed…but brows are “in” right now! If pressed I would have to admit that for years I overlooked the importance of well shaped and shaded brows. I had a natural brown brow pencil in high school that I used with little skill. It helped…some…I think. (I’m fair skinned and fair haired so my brows tend to lighten to an almost invisible taupe in the summer months. Not attractive. You need those brows to shape and define your face!) Years went by and I stopped doing anything to my brows. Then one day, out of the blue, my hairdresser offered to wax my brows (partly out of guilt because she was running so late). I had never had anyone shape my brows, much less use wax to do it. I was a new person. I had a sleek brow arch. It was awesome!


But I needed more color. A few years went by and I tried different products. Then I was introduced to MAC Cosmetics. They have an amazing brow pencil that blows away anything I had used up to that point. It’s called a brow pencil (I get the ash blonde, light taupe one called Fling) but it’s really much more than that. It’s a self sharpening, self propelling, brow defining machine! And at just $17, it’s a steal. Fling adds shape and color to the brow. No sharpener required. And, the Fling brow pencil contains a touch of wax to help tame unruly brow hair. MAC has even built on the popularity of its Fling pencil and created a product called Brow Sculpt (available in the ash blonde, light taupe shade, Fling too). I have not personally tried Brow Sculpt but you can bet I’ll be getting one in a few weeks when my current brow product runs out. Brow Sculpt allows the user to fill in sparse areas by creating individual brow strokes that are more natural in appearance. Sign me up!   


mac eyebrow pencil in frenzy


What Courtney loves about MAC brow pencil in Fling:

  • Fling is perfect for us blonde, fair skinned chics.
  • Fling has a touch of wax which helps keep brows shaped perfectly all day
  • Fling is only $17
  • You do not need a sharpener. The pencil is self sharpening.

What Courtney hates about MAC brow pencil in Fling:

  • You need a light hand. Press too hard and the pencil will break.
  • It seems like I go through the pencil quickly.

Courtney’s Rating: Can’t Live Without It  


Unfortunately I learned early in life that I don’t have the smoothest hand in the world. It really makes most makeup application a challenge – especially applying liquid eyeliner. So when brows suddenly seem to become the next makeup trend I immediately cringed. Oh no, I thought, one more thing that I won’t ever be able to do well. But one day, someone told me about the YBF Beauty Automatic Universal Eyebrow Pencil. Unlike some other brow pencils I’ve tried where I end up looking more like a caveman than achieving model-esque brows, this one is great at blending. It’s dual tip allows me to capture the exact look I’m imagining in my head without taking me a dozen tries.



What Kylee likes about YBF Pencil:

  • It’s only $12! I’ve tried a few very expensive products that just don’t seem to work as well so I’m very happy for the quality and price of this one!
  • It lasts! Now granted, I use this pencil a little more sparingly than I use other makeup products like eye shadow or blush, but it still outlasts my mascara sometimes.
  • The brow brush. Really, what’s made this tool such a breeze is the brush at the end of it. It helps me get that natural, lighter look I want.

What Kylee hates about YBF Pencil:

  • I got mine through Birch Box, but I know they don’t always have it available which can make it a bit frustrating for those wanting to purchase.

Kylee’s Rating: Love it! 

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