Our Top Summer Shoes

Courtney & Kylee


Summer is upon us! And if you’re like me, you can’t wait to break out your favorite summer sandals. Personally, I am a HUGE fan of gladiator sandals. (And not just because I love the movie Gladiator.) They are my go to shoe in the summer. Comfortable and stylish, I can’t imagine summer without a pair of strappy gladiators. Mind you, I don’t care for the ones that extend up your calf to the  knee. They must be pain to put on and take off. Something that extends to my ankle is sufficient. Last summer I splurged and bought a pair from Born. Up to that point, I had always had inexpensive, off brand gladiators. The footbed on the Born version is much more padded than anything I’ve worn before and the leather is buttery soft. HEAVEN! I could walk for days in them. Clad in my gladiators, I’m ready for any adventure summer can throw my way. Bring it on!



What Courtney loves about Gladiator sandals:

  • Super comfortable to wear. I can walk all day in them.
  • Because they generally extend up the ankle a bit, they provide more protection and stability for walking and being active than other summer shoe options (like flip flops).
  • There are a ton of variations on gladiator sandals. They come in all sorts of colors, heel heights, and straps. FUN!
  • They seem to be a trend that is sticking. Gladiator style sandals have been big now for several years. I think they will be around a while longer which means investing in a pair will  pay off.

What Courtney hates about Gladiator sandals:

  • Not a fan of the versions that extend to the knee or mid-calf. Trying to get those on and off is a royal pain. No thank you.


Well, I can’t say I disagree with Courtney. Nothing screams summer quite like gladiator sandals. However, as much as I love them, they’re not my personal pick. Instead, when it comes to summer I opt for boat shoes all the way. Boat shoes are great because they’re lightweight and slip-on. The ease of putting them on really makes them a must in my closet. Boat loafers are especially wonderful because they still provide full foot coverage without looking like a tennis shoe. Sometimes you just need more support than sandals offer. My personal favorites are Sperrys. Though a little on the steeper side, I’ve had my original pair for over 3 years now and they look just as good as the day I pulled them out of the box.


Tan sperry boat shoes


What Kylee loves about boat shoes:

  • No ties or zippers required. Yes, they often have a little decorative knot, but it doesn’t require constantly tying and untying which I need.
  • So many styles. Over the years boat shoes have gotten more and more fun in their patterns and colors. I am a personal fan of the navy striped look.
  • They’re so comfortable. Unlike with other shoes, I didn’t feel the pain of having to break these guys in as much. It makes them great for all day wear.

What Kylee hates about boat shoes:

  • There’s almost no tread. I know, I know. What did I expect. It is a boat shoe after all. But still. It would be nice for a slip-prone person like myself to have just a bit more treading
  • They can be expensive. At least, the really nice quality shoes are generally more expensive than sandals for example. But so, so worth it.
  • So though you don’t have to tie them, they do require socks. I always opt for no-shows, but it still requires an extra layer in the summer heat.

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