Our “Can’t Live Without” Sunscreens

Courtney & Kylee



Summer is upon us! Yeah! But along with summer comes the blistering sun…especially here in Nevada. And, while my shoulders and legs can handle any old sunscreen I happen to throw on, my face is an entirely different story. I hate putting sunscreen on my face. Here I am on the battlegrounds of aging skin and I hate using sunscreen on my face (which every dermatologist and my mom keep telling me I really ought to use religiously to fight off the signs of aging. Sigh. I love the sun and love being tan so it’s hard to refrain from luxuriating by the pool for hours on end in the quest for a golden glow. But, I really don’t want to look like a wrinkled prune in the near future so sunscreen I must!).

Why do I hate sunscreen on my face? Because it burns and it makes me break out. Yes. I’m in my 40’s and still break out (like some 13 year old) when I apply sunscreen to avoid looking like a gnarled hag. Oh, the irony of it all! So I have actively avoided using anything on my face to protect it from the sun. Not a horrible decision for the last many years since we’ve lived in the mid-West and rarely see the sun. However, now that sunny Vegas is our home, I need to approach things a little differently. My mom gave me a tube of Obagi Nu-Derm SPF 50 Sunscreen two years ago and I finally pulled it out and gave it a try. Where has this been? Finally, a sunscreen that doesn’t sting when I put it on my face. Finally, a sunscreen that doesn’t burn my eyes when I start to sweat in the sun or while working out. YES!!!!!! This is it. I can finally wear sunscreen on my face. My future is looking brighter…and less wrinkled!



What Courtney loves about Obagi Nu-Derm Sunscreen:

  • This is the best stuff ever for my ridiculously sensitive, fair skin. I have not burned while using it and it doesn’t sting my eyes or face.
  • It isn’t greasy. I hate that slimy feeling sunscreens leave on my face.
  • Contains a special formulation of zinc oxide which is a known antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, oil and sebum reducer, anti-microbial agent. Probably why I don’t break out when using it.
  • I was looking to buy a new bottle for the summer because I’ve gone through the one my mom gave me and noticed that Obagi has broadened its sunscreen options. I had a bottle  that is a SPF 50. In looking at the new options, I will buy the Obagi Sun Shield Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen. FYI: There are even tinted versions of the Obagi Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Suncreen available now.


What Courtney hates about Obagi  Nu-Derm Sunscreen:

  • The cost. It’s pricey…$48.93 for a 3 oz. bottle off Amazon. But now that I’ll be living in the desert, I’ll spend the extra because I’ll be using it constantly and a little goes a long way with this product.


Courtney’s rating on Obagi Nu-Derm Sunscreen: Can’t live without it! 


I can definitely say I have a love/hate relationship with sunscreen. On one hand, I love the smell of sunscreen, it’s just so refreshingly…summery. But on the other hand, it reminds me of all those times my mom held me back as a kid from jumping into the pool while she forcibly lathered on layers of sunscreen. Let’s face it, no amount of good smells can make the process of trying to carefully cover every conceivable part of your body seem worth it. And maybe it’s just me, but I always seem to miss an area – the tops of my ears, my back, the tops of my feet – some ridiculously small area that turns neon red for all to see and frequently comment on and laugh at for the next day or two. It’s a rough life 😉 However, one product that I stumbled upon by accident has actually made my summers a lot smoother and more pain-free: Ultra Sheer Sunscreen by Neutrogena. It’s sped up the application process while still keeping me perfectly covered and now there’s always at least 2 bottles of it in my beach bag!



What Kylee loves about Ultra Sheer Suncreen:

  • It’s so easy to apply. I use the body mist version and though Neutrogena isn’t the only company out there to make a spray sunscreen, I’ve had problems with mists in the past that don’t cover as thoroughly. The Ultra Sheer mist does. I never have to second guess if I applied enough to be safe.
  • It’s lightweight. Even the traditional lotion version is lightweight and doesn’t leave behind that gross, greasy feeling on your skin.
  • Variety of versions. I love this collection because they have a stick (for your face), lotion, and spray so no matter how you like it, they’ve got you.


What Kylee hates about the Ultra Sheer Sunscreen:

  • It can feel a little runny. The lotion doesn’t come out runny, but I think one of the side effects of their dry-touch feature on the Ultra Sheer sunscreen is that it feels a little thin. So, though it gives a great, lightweight feel, the typical size blob I squeeze out doesn’t seem to spread very far on my skin.
  • It’s missing that great smell. Again, this isn’t a major factor, but it’s all about the little details right? And though Neutrogena definitely doesn’t smell bad, it’s missing that fruity, delicious smell that most sunscreens have.
  • It can be hard to find. It’s always available for order online at their site (check the link above). But for those trying to avoid paying shipping, I’ve had trouble in the past finding Neutrogena’s sunscreen at certain store locations.

Kylee’s Rating on Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Suncreen: Love it! 

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