The Great Debate Over Lush Shower Jellies

Courtney & Kylee


Looking for a new take on shower gel. Give Shower Jelly by Lush a try. I had never heard of such a thing until Kylee mentioned it the other day. Sounded intriguing so I stopped by our local Lush and grabbed a glob. Kylee got the lemony one so I decided to try the blue one called Whoosh.  Whoosh has a light, clean scent. Love it! For the uninitiated let me explain what shower jelly is. Shower jelly is a blubbery blob of all natural ingredients (derived from seaweed) that lathers nicely when a chunk is pulled off and worked into a natural sponge. I just used the blob of shower jelly like a bar of soap. Worked pretty well though using it was a bit of a challenge. FYI: The sales lady at Lush mentioned that shower jelly can be put in the refrigerator and the cooled jelly can be used on sun burned skin.


Lush Shower Jelly


Ok, ok. So I do agree, it is definitely a novelty item. It’s so unusual, gooey, and fun to play with that it’s almost impossible to take it seriously at first. However, I could not disagree with Courtney more. Instead of hating it, I think that’s all part of the fun! As she mentioned, I spent about 15 minutes at the store just debating between the fresh, clean smell of Whoosh and the sweet lemony tang of Refresher (with my husband shooing away salespeople for me in the background) and ended up with the latter and boy do I love it. It smells so good, in fact leaving it unopened for the first few days actually spread the aroma to our whole bathroom (though to be fair, our bathroom is not very large). I really can’t believe Courtney doesn’t like it because for me it’s so worth it!



What Courtney loves about Shower Jelly by Lush:  

  • All natural ingredients.
  • Smells delightful!
  • Shower jelly is a novelty. Something new and fun to try. A great gift item.


What Kylee loves about Shower Jelly by Lush:

  • Lathers really well! For those that like it sudsy (like me), grabbing a small chunk out at a time and squishing it into a loofa creates a whole lotta bubbles really fast. My fave!
  • Smells delicious. Oh my goodness, I thought Bath and Body had good smelling shower gels (and they do), but I can’t get over the smell of Refresher. A must for all citrus lovers.
  • It goes farther than you’d think. I was a bit concerned by paying $8 for a small tub of it, but after 2 weeks of everyday (sometimes twice a day) use of it, I’ve only made the smallest of dents in it. My guess is this thing will last at least 3-6 months for me. Again, I use it by pulling off chunks though, not like a bar of soap like Courtney did.


What Courtney hates about Shower Jelly by Lush:

  • It’s a little challenging to use the shower jelly like a bar of soap (It’s super slippery and small bits of it break off.). Works ok used with a natural sponge but to be honest I’m not a fan.
  • Expensive ($7.99 per container). The sales lady I spoke to suggested that some people take the jelly and put it in a blender to turn it into shower gel (At twice the cost of a bottle of shower gel, I would not buy shower jelly again.)  
  • Lush’s Shower Jelly would make a great gift simply because of it’s novelty factor. But it’s not something I would purchase on a regular basis for my own personal use because it’s slightly messy/difficult to grip.


What Kylee hates about Shower Jelly:

  • It won’t lather without a loofa or sponge. Just for kicks, I tried lathering it between my hands one shower and all it did was crumble and fall down the drain even after a solid 30 sec of vigorous rubbing. Strange because it gets instantly sudsy with a loofa.
  • If using as traditional bar soap, it also tends to crumble and become a bit slippery to hold. Tried that method once – never again. But in all honesty, I’ve always hated bar soap application so I was biased to begin with.
  • For the sudsers out there, pulling off the initial chunk is surprisingly difficult. Image reaching into a jello cup to pull out a little tiny piece with soaking wet hands. Yeah, a bit challenging to say the least. But once I made the initial dent in it, pulling out pieces ever since has been a breeze.


Courtney’s rating on Lush’s Shower Jelly: Not worth it! 👎


Kylee’s rating on Lush’s Shower Jelly: Love it! 💖

Scale: Never again, Not worth it, Meh, Like it, Love it, Can’t Live Without It

5 thoughts on “The Great Debate Over Lush Shower Jellies

  1. I might be a bit biased because I am a Lush fanatic but I love their shower jellies. Though I will admit that they are a bit of a challenge to use without a sponge of some sort. My favorite is the 93,000 miles , I usually put it in the refrigerator before I head to the gym, it’s feels amazing on my bod afterwards!


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