Monthly Picks

Product Picks of the Month

Courtney & Kylee

As always this is our May product round up. It’s all the little products we want to highlight but didn’t try together. No products were sponsored, these are purely our choices.

Kylee’s Top 3 Picks:
1. About Time. So for those that may not know, this is a movie that came out a few years ago. I know, I know, it’s not the newest thing. But for anyone that may have skipped over this movie (because it did sound like The Time Traveler’s Wife all over again), go back and watch it! It’s got a little bit of everything from romance to laughs to tears. I’ll admit, I’m not even a big movie crier, but I lost it during this movie. But it’s not sad and weepy! The movie is just incredibly touching and will leave you on a high note, feeling optimistic and positive about the future. It’s a fantastic feel good, laugh a little, movie!

2. My Favorite Murder.

my favorite murder podcast cover

I’m going the entertainment route again for just a moment but this podcast has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s (surprise!) a true crime podcast about murders. But it’s delightfully quirky with the two hosts Karen and Georgia giving a hilarious (yet respectful) take on everything from famous murders to hometown murders. It’s great fun to listen to at the office or while working out. Fair warning though: it’s full of swearing so for those bothered by that, it might not be worth it for you.

3. MapMyRun by Under Armour. Again, this is not a brand new app, but with the weather getting nicer and more runners leaving the treadmill for outdoors, this is my personal favorite app for tracking my running. I’ve tried a few in the past I’ve hated for various reasons, but this is the one I always come back to. It’s accurate and easy to navigate and FREE. What I love most is that the voice tells you every time you finish a mile and how fast your pace was – great if you’re training or working on time trials!


Courtney’s Top 3 Picks:

1. Alex and Ani Bracelets.

alex and ani starfish charm bracelet

A group of co-workers got together and gave me an Alexi and Ani bracelet as a momento on my last day of work in Pittsburgh. I had never seen an Alexi and Ani bracelet. But, now I’m obsessed with them. In fact, I went and got two more so that I have a dangley bangley trio for my wrist. I’ve never been much of a bracelet girl…usually because I find them to be uncomfortable when working on a computer. But these are light weight, adjustable, collectible, and totally fun! Now that I have a silvery set I’m eyeing a bronzy grouping. There are so many options and they just released the new summer line. I’m eyeing several including a mermaid medallion one. I just love the way they jangle as you move.

2. Butter Flavored Pam. Some how. Unbelievably. I’ve never tried butter flavored Pam. How is that possible? I rarely make pancakes…more of a french toast girl. But I grabbed a can of butter flavored Pam the other day (feeling adventurous I guess). Can I just say, this stuff is awesome! Not only does it do a great number on any pan known to man but you can spray it on the outside of Pillsbury dough for a beautiful golden crust (think homemade pepperoni roll).

3. Wusthof Knives.

I’ve only ever had cheap knives in my kitchen. Until about a year ago. I was in a specialty kitchen store with a friend (who happens to be a professional caterer) and at the checkout counter they had a container of Wusthof paring knives on sale. At my friend’s recommendation I bought one. Game changer! I keep the knife in a drawer (hidden from the rest of my family). I only ever hand wash it (FYI: putting knives in the dishwasher dulls them). Good knives are a great investment. They are the tools of our trade and worth every penny. No more sawing through peppers and onions or cantaloupe.  Even if you can only afford one (like me) Wusthof knives are a kitchen tool I can’t live without!

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