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Tough Encounters with Lara Bars

Courtney & Kylee

I’m always looking for a good nutrition bar or quick meal. I love grab-and-go items because (just like everyone else) I’m often short on time. My favorite bars incorporate protein so that I’m not hungry two seconds later. So here’s my take on Lara bars…

lara bars on display


What Courtney loves about Lara bars:

  • They are a grab-and-go item.
  • They are healthy, gluten free…the works.
  • They are made in interesting flavors.


What Courtney hates about Lara bars:

  • They taste horrible!  True story: My husband walks up to me holding a Lara bar I had just bought to review. He asks me to try it and make sure it’s “okay.” I took a small bite and almost spit it back out. It was nasty! How it ever made it to a grocery store shelf is beyond me. We both took another nibble or two then threw the rest away. I don’t even know how to describe how awful it tasted. The flavor was suppose to be blueberry muffin. It tasted like a moist, stale muffin that had been smashed up with some soggy nuts. I didn’t even get a hint of blueberry. Nasty! Nasty! Nasty! To be fair, I tried a cherry pie and an apple pie flavored bar too. But both of the other bars were heinous too. Yuck! The only one I could halfway eat was the apple pie flavored bar, but even then I didn’t finish it. I eat almost anything so for me not to finish something is extremely unusual. Sorry to say it, but I will never buy a Lara bar again. I couldn’t choke another one down if my life depended on it.
  • See above!
  • See above!
  • See above!


Courtney’s rating on Lara bars: Never again! 🤢


Between working and workouts and running errands, having an easy, on-the-go snack is absolutely essential for me! And it seems there are so many nutrition and protein bars constantly coming out that it shouldn’t be hard to find something you like. That’s the attitude I went in with when picking up the Lara Bar at the grocery store. I liked the packaging and with flavors that mostly ended in “pie” I was stoked to eat something sweet without blowing my sugar intake for the day. However, whoever decided they could name those bars as apple pie and blueberry pie flavored must have had their tongue cut out because those flavors tasted nothing like pie!



What Kylee loved about Lara bars:

  • The packaging. Though this sounds trivial, the bars just look so eye catching and cute. Love it.
  • It does keep you full for a respectable amount of time. After eating half of one (that’s all I could handle), it did keep me full for a longer time than I would have expected.
  • Flavor variety. There is quite a few different flavors available at most grocery stores so you can try out a few.


What Kylee hates about Lara bars:

  • It tastes & looks like blueberry or cherry poop. Quite simply it’s just plain gross. The apple pie was the only flavor that was actually somewhat salvageable.
  • The texture is nasty. And I’m not usually bothered by texture too much but this felt like putting in a wet paper towel with nuts wrapped inside in your mouth!
  • They’re not cheap! Granted, I did not buy the box which is a little cheaper, but still. For what it gives you, I would not typically spend that much on a single bar.

Kylee’s rating of Lara bars: Never again! 🤢

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