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Living It Up with Luna Bars

Courtney & Kylee

Yes! A protein bar I can get behind. After last week’s disaster with Lara Bars (I get nauseous even thinking about that experience), I was a little anxious about trying Luna Bars. But, they are AWESOME! I could eat the Lemon Zest bars as dessert. They are so tasty that you forget they’re healthy. I’ve even got my husband taking them to work for lunch!


Coconut chocolate luna bar


Now Luna bars are where it’s at. Luna is everything I was hoping for when trying last week’s Lara Bars. Luna is made by the same company that does Clif so you know they’re reliable. They’re so sweet, it’s perfect for those with a sweet tooth like me that want a little something chocolately sometimes without blowing the whole day. And with such a huge variety of flavors, no matter what your taste pallet, I guarantee you’ll find something you love. Between the lemon zest, chocolate peppermint, and chocolate dipped coconut, I was in heaven this week.


What Courtney loves about Luna Bars:

  • They actually taste good! Try Lemon Zest, S’mores, and Chocolate Dipped Coconut for starters.
  • They contain protein! Protein is the key to appetite control so while I could scarf down 3 in a sitting, the protein helps satisfy my hunger.
  • They are gluten free and many of the ingredients are organic.
  • Luna Bars are made specifically for women by the Clif Bar Company. Clif Bars have been around a while…they know what they’re doing.


What Kylee loves about Luna Bars:

  • Like Courtney said, they’re flavors are actually delicious! And most grocery stores seem to carry at least 5-6 different varieties.
  • They’re a good break from the “nutty” granola bars. Nuts are all well and good, but sometimes I want a bar that’s made up of something other than peanuts
  • They take the bite off sweet cravings. I use them for lunch, but if you’re looking for an after dinner snack, this is a great way to get a little sweetness without overdoing the sugar intake.

What Courtney hates about Luna Bars:

  • Nothing. I think they’re great!


What Kylee hates about Luna Bars:

  • They can be a bit pricey if you’re buying them as singles. I mean yes, it’s just a dollar, but that adds up quickly if you’re buying 6 or 7 at a time.
  • This isn’t Luna’s fault, but most stores don’t carry all the flavors so sometimes I have to go without my peppermint bars for the week.


Courtney’s rating on Luna Bars: Can’t Live Without! 😍 (I’ve started keeping a box of them in the cupboard!)

Kylee’s rating on Luna Bars: Love them! 💖

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