Monthly Picks

June Product Round Up

Kylee & Courtney

Nothing in this post has been sponsored, all opinions are entirely their own.


This month has a been a little hectic with both of us moving two different directions! But that craziness has also helped us try new things, including a wide variety of products we’ve loved this month and want to tell you all about. From beauty products to health products, here are some of our new item crushes.


Kylee’s top 3:


  1. American Eagle Flip Flops – For three years now I have been in love with the leather flip flops American Eagle has come out with every summer. Just ask my husband. I literally wear these flip flops until they fall to pieces (which they do after a lot of wear). I love them because they’re anywhere from $10-20 and usually available in a few different shades. They are great because they look nicer than plastic or foam flip flops, but still provide that easy slip on accessibility.
  2. Moisture Surge by Cinique – This has to be one of the best solutions for that inevitable summertime dryness that sets in. It’s gentle and lightweight without feeling greasy on my skin. Not to mention it has prevented a few cases of bad peeling after a sun burn or two this season!

clinique face lotion in bottle


  1. Banana Republic’s Cologne Collection – Looking for a new scent for that significant other? Banana Republic has a new fragrance collection this summer that has some fantastic smells in it for men. I personally love Black Platinum and Oud Mosiac while my husband’s favorite is Leather Reserve. And for those hesitant or indecisive buyers out there (like me), they always offer a 5 piece travel sized collections of all the scents so he can have a variety to choose from!


Courtney’s top 3:


  1. Ice Cube Gum – You’ll always find gum in my purse. And, about a year ago I switched from Extra brand gum, which I’ve bought for 20+ years, to Ice Cube Gum. The container was what originally caught my attention but the cute little gum cubes of long lasting flavor kept me coming back for more. I’ve noticed over the last 6 months or so they’ve added several new flavors. Fun!

ice breakers ice cube gum package

  1. Specialty Ice Cube Trays – Have you seen all the fun shapes you can make ice cubes into? There’s been an explosion in various shaped ice cube trays. My personal favorites are the ice cube trays shaped like long cylinders. I love these shapes because they fit into my reused plastic water bottles. In fact, I love jamming as many ice cube cylinders as possible into my reused plastic water bottles as possible. Add a little water and you’re good to go for a while.
  2. Furniture Sliders – We move our furniture around a lot…adjusting for various family gatherings, parties, etc. Pushing couches and chairs around can be rough on their legs and rough on my back. Enter…furniture sliders. They sell them at Target, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes. Set one under each furniture leg and suddenly you can slide your way to room reinvention.

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