Our Not-So Smooth Encounter with Body Conditioner

Courtney & Kylee

Lush is a fun store to visit. But, sometimes I feel like they try too hard with their products. The Body Conditioner (Ro’s Argan scent) is a great example of that. It doesn’t work for me. It reminds me of the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer we blogged about previously. Not a fan! It doesn’t moisturize to the degree that I need/want. The whole concept of a moisturizer that you apply in the shower then rinse off is trendy right now. Lush seems to be following the herd rather than setting the trends.


Sometimes I love Lush more than I love myself. You may laugh but it’s true! There’s something so soothing about going into the store and letting the sales attendants just worry about you for a moment that’s so relaxing. I’m always down and ready to try their latest and greatest product (assuming it’s not going to break the bank!). So of course when we were slated to try another Lush product this week I was excited, but unfortunately I think I’ve found the first product I’m not in love with there.


Ro's Argan body conditioner


What Courtney loves about Lush Body Conditioner:

  • Hmmmm…nothing. Sorry.


What Kylee loves about Lush Body Conditioner:

  • It smells amazing. The smell is subtle and understated, but a great way to end the shower.
  • It’s gentle. Now personally I don’t have very sensitive skin, but for those that do, this product is gentle for even the most sensitive of us.


What Courtney hates about Lush Body Conditioner:

  • We tried the Ro’s Argan scent. I’m pretty open to new and different scents but this one did not work for me in any way.
  • This product simply doesn’t work. I used it as prescribed and I couldn’t tell that I had moisturized my skin at all.
  • I didn’t like the “feel” of the product.


What Kylee hates about Lush Body Conditioner:

  • It didn’t do much. Supposedly it moisturizes and conditions the skin, but much like the wet skin moisturizer we used, I feel like it really just didn’t do anything. This feeling also probably came from rinsing it off after applying.
  • It left a greasy feeling on my fingers. It didn’t last long, but still not pleasant!
  • The price! Yeesh this things a little expensive considering it’s just a lotion. Though a little does go a long way, the value just simply isn’t there for me.


Courtney’s rating on Lush Body Conditioner: Never Again! 🤢
Kylee’s rating of Lush Body Conditioner: Meh 😑

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