Review: Bite Beauty Lipstick

Kylee & Courtney


As a deep, deep lover of all things lipstick, I was endlessly excited this month when I got a sampler of Bite Beauty lipstick from a friend and immediately felt the need to share it with Courtney. I am always in search of classy new lip colors I can wear to work and fun, bright colors I can wear out on date night. I tried the multistick and the colors consisted of Biscotti, Cashew, and Papaya. The multistick comes in cute little packets that look vaguely like Trident gum. It’s so fun to pop open the new color and apply. And when you’re done, just flip back over the flap and tape it shut to save for the next use. You can find this brand in most Sephoras.



I’m not quite the lip product connoisseur that Kylee has become but I do love me a good lipstick. Unfortunately, Bite Beauty’s lipstick is not one I would purchase. I was able to try the Cashew color. Bite Beauty sticks are also marketed as able to be used as a blush and eye shadow, but after using it on my lips I would not use it on any other part of my face. Beside the color being way off from my skin tone, the mixture just doesn’t seem smooth and creamy enough to spread and blend correctly on your cheeks or eyelids. In my opinion, it’s a little marginal.



What Kylee loves about Bite Beauty:

  • You get a variety of colors. Nothing’s worse than spending a bunch of money on a color you don’t end up loving. With three sampler colors to choose from, you get to try out a few without making a big financial commitment.
  • They last longer than expected! With such a small packet you’d think it’d be 2 or 3 uses and then done but I’ve used them for three weeks before running out of color.
  • The color lasts on your lips. This is one of the few lipsticks I’ve had that don’t immediately rub off onto my teeth or the napkin. It’s definitely not a stain, but it’s great for long wear.


What Courtney loves about Bite Beauty:

  • It lasts. This lipstick has staying power. But that’s really the only thing I liked about it.
  • It’s nice that there are small samples you can try before investing in a tube of the stuff. And, as Kylee noted, the samples last a long time.


What Kylee hates about Bite Beauty:

  • The colors look different in the packet than they do on your lips. A few times I’ve held up the packet trying to decide what color to use, thinking it would match and then when I put it on got a slightly different color.
  • It’s not soft. As a big chapstick connoisseur, I’m very invested in lipsticks that feel moisturizing as well as pigmented and though the color is great, it’s doesn’t feel moisturizing quite like other brands do.


What Courtney hates about Bite Beauty:

  • Feels weird. The lipstick has an odd feel to it. It’s dry (like Kylee noted above). Now that I live in a desert, I’ve become hyper aware of the constant need to moisturize and Bite Beauty lipstick isn’t cutting it for me.
  • The particular color (Papaya) that I tried feels dated…something popular several generations ago.


Kylee’s Rating of Bite Beauty lipstick: Love it! 💖

Courtney’s rating on Bite Beauty lipstick: Meh. 😑

Scale: Never again, Not worth it, Meh, Like it, Love it, Can’t Live Without It

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