Our Go-To Hair Products

Kylee & Courtney

Kylee’s Pick:

Guess what? Every once in awhile I miss a shower on the weekends (only as long as I’m not getting sweaty!) Unfortunately for me, my blessed genetics (looking at Courtney on this one), give me oily skin and hair. It is almost magical. Just like Cinderella at midnight, at exactly the 24 hour mark my hair gets stunningly greasy looking. I can’t go the whole day looking like a savage so instead of slumming it, I turn to Tresemme’s Fresh Start Dry Shampoo. It’s exactly what I need to get my hair through the day without looking shamefully under prepared. Spray on a little of this into my roots and no one can tell I’m a gross human being who does not contribute to society.


Tresemme dry shampoo


  • It’s fast! Much faster than taking a shower and much less effort.
  • It’s cheap! At around $6 for a bottle, it puts no hurt on my wallet. Not to mention it lasts up to 6 – 8 months of occasional use


  • It smells. Oh boy does it smell. It’s not that the smell is bad, it’s just that it’s thick. There have been quite a few instances where I’ve sat coughing in the fumes before.
  • Too close and you’re in trouble – If you spray a little too close to your head (i.e. me 75% of the time), then you’ll be left with a big white patch that’s much harder to brush out and look natural.


Courtney’s Pick:

I think I’ve tried every hairspray on the market. But, time and again, I end up back with Aveda’s “brilliant” medium hold hair spray.  It’s my “go to” hair care product. My hair is thick and likes to frizz a bit in our humid Pittsburgh climate. Several years back I decided to splurge on a salon quality hair spray and now I’m hooked. There’s no going back after experiencing the lasting control of Aveda’s “brilliant.” It tames the frizz and helps lock in my style without being sticky or stiff. I love Aveda’s “brilliant” medium hair spray so much I stockpile the stuff when our salon runs a special! This is a “Can’t live without it” product for me.



  • It holds your hairstyle without being sticky or stiff
  • It locks out frizz
  • It smells good


  • It’s pricey…about $24/bottle

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