Oh My Lushness

Kylee & Courtney


Kylee & Courtney both have tried face masks from lush. Kylee: The mask of magnaminty. Courtney: BB Seaweed mask.


girl wearing lush mask of magnaminty


No, I have not been living under a rock. I know Lush has been a craze for sometime, but to be honest, I never thought I needed to go there because it was only bath bombs right? Ding dong I was wrong! So I went in a few weeks ago, finally just to check it out and my gosh did it rock my world. Face masks, cleansers, and soaps! How had I never realized it was more than just powdery balls you throw in tubs?! And of course I got the full treatment, having the lovely Lush goddess try different products on my hand (I even convinced my husband to try it too hehe). I kept smelling my hand the rest of the day, even refusing to put it in the hot tub later that evening because I didn’t want the smell and softness to go away. So naturally, I had to convince Courtney to go too.

Mask of Magnanimity from Lush

Oh my lushness! Kylee set me onto a new indulgence. Refrigerated Fresh Face Masks from Lush. How did I not know about these! I chose a mask that works with dry skin, namely the BB Seaweed mask. In a word, delightful…indulgent…addictive! Ok. Ok. I know. That was 3 words. But all three perfectly describe this product. Totally going to go back to Lush to get another. Lush products are high quality and the shopping experience is just plain fun. You won’t have to twist my arm to get me back in a Lush store!
BB Seaweed mask from Lush


What Kylee loves about Lush Fresh Face Masks:

  • It wakes me up – The mask of Magnaminty (try saying that 5x fast) is like being punched in the face by a spearmint plant. It’s so fresh and clean – in both scent and feel. It’s beautiful.
  • Smell – Like I said. Punch. Face. Spearmint. It smells so minty fresh it’s impossible to hate
  • Value – I’m not exactly a splurger so this mask is perfect. At around $15 it’s lasted for 4 uses so far and I’m not even halfway through the pot.


What Courtney loves about Lush Fresh Face Masks:

  • Variety…there are multiple options to choose from. I could spend an hour just mulling over the different formulas.
  • It works! I loved the way the BB Seaweed Mask made my skin feel and look.
  • Value. I forked over the $8.95 at the register for my mask wondering if that wasn’t a little much for a single mask application. But, surprise! Based on what I used from my tub of magic, I’d say I can get another 8 uses from the purchase. At approximately $1/application, I’d say the Lush Fresh Face Masks are a great deal. And, if you purchase 5 and save the containers, you can take them back to the store and get a sixth for free! I’m in!


What Kylee hates about Lush Fresh Face Masks:

  • Refrigeration – Ok I’m all about natural products, but it is a little bit of a bummer that some of the masks have to be refrigerated. When I bought mine I was in Vegas for the weekend and couldn’t refrigerate on the drive home, so had to go with a non-refrigerated one.
  • Salespeople – Sales people scare me a little bit and though the Lush people are great, they also come off a tad bit pushy sometimes. Look, I’m just here to enjoy my shopping, don’t make me feel guilty because I decided to spend $15 not $100.


What Courtney hates about Lush Fresh Face Masks:

  • I wish they had a super moisturizing formula.
  • I wonder if they could develop a refrigerated formula for sunburned skin. Just a thought but wouldn’t that make summer’s amazing.
  • I wish they sold single application refrigerated masks! So I could try more of them and pinpoint my favorites more quickly.


Kylee’s Rating: Love it! heart-emoji
Courtney’s Rating: Love it! heart-emoji  


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20 thoughts on “Oh My Lushness

  1. Ooh, I love the idea of single use masks from Lush – I might be more tempted to try them if I could do it with just one at a time, affordably. Lately my teenager and I have been doing masks together on the weekends, and we’ve been using the Freeman Feeling Beautiful brand. So far we’ve done the Cucumber peel-off one together, and I’ve done the Avocado one myself during the week before a shower. Both have been raging successes, and now I’m itching to try their whole line. I also like that they’re so affordable. I talked a bit about them here, if you’re interested:


  2. I really love lush products especially their moisturisers. They are affordable and really great for my skin. I have never tried their mask but you made it sounds very appealing. Great post!


  3. I hate it when the people you are buying stuff are pushy and look down on you for spending so little. I get it that they are running a business but if they want repeats they shouldn’t be so prejudiced.


  4. This looks like a nice product. My hubby and I havent tried using masks like this, but spearmint-like feeling on your face as a result from this? hmmm…sounds good to me.


  5. It looks like great products! I actually haven’t heard it before and never tried facial masks. It’s interesting because of your rate 🙂


  6. Aren’t face masks awesome! I used to not care about lush either until I decided to go around one of their stores. They have a lot to offer especially when it comes to self care!


  7. I absolutely LOVE clay masks! Your skin feels SO amazing afterwards! I remember the first time I walked into a Lush store. I was in NYC and could SMELL the fragrance (over top of the city stench lol) and couldn’t resist checking them out!


  8. I didn’t know Lush had face masks too! I know they have bath bombs and soap. Oh, I have to try some these masks.


  9. I hate anything mint but this sounds like a product that my Mom would enjoy. Wish there was a store around here. Mother’s Day is just around the corner.


    1. This is a great way to pamper your mom without breaking your wallet! I know they do have an online store that sells this mask if you are interested in giving it to her for Mother’s Day.


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