Our Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

Kylee & Courtney

Get your popcorn ready because we’re about to divulge the TV shows we love to watch but hate to admit to.


I have a lot of TV shows I love, but none embarrasses me more so to admit I watch than one. Ok here’s my totally guilty TV show that I don’t admit to many except my husband that I watch: 90 Day Fiance on TLC. Do you want to see obvious catfish and horribly constructed relationships? Then this is the show for you! It’s so fascinating to me, both watching to see how cultures blend, how other couples work through their problems, and most of all how the majority of couples featured on the show manage to pull through all the drama (even though I know most of the situations are falsely created or helped along by the producers). If you ever want to sit back, snack on popcorn, and watch people freak out over stupid problems (or really big problems in some cases), then this is the show for you.


What Kylee loves:

  • It features multiple couples from multiple countries/situations, so it never gets too dull.
  • Not every couple is featured in every episode. Sometimes couples are skipped out for an episode which really sucks if they’re the ones you love watching.


What Kylee hates:

  • It is trashy, fake reality TV. There’s no getting around it, as much as I love it, I also always have that tinge of guilt for laughing at others misery.
  • Some couples storylines are just plain boring and then you’re forced to sift through their stories to get to the really juicy ones.


The question is “Which guilty pleasure shall I reveal today?” I have several. But, today, I shall reveal that I LOVE the Poldark series on Masterpiece (PBS). (No big surprise since I LOVED Downton Abbey!) I have some weird obsession with British drama, I guess, not to mention I’m a hopeless romantic. Poldark is extremely well made and extremely well acted. The first season is available on Netflix. You can catch Season 2 with On Demand. I binge watched two seasons in a week. And, I’ve rewatched the entire series three times. Love it! Love it! Love it! Season 1 sets the stage and is delightful and engaging. Season 2 is a bit darker. In fact, I get frustrated with the end of Season 2 but hopefully the characters will redeem themselves in the future.


What Courtney Loves:

  • The idyllic English setting. The lavish costumes, The location shoots.
  • The characters! Ross in particular (except I’m frustrated with him at the end of Season 2). Demelza is great! Love her.
  • If you are a romantic at heart, this is a treasure. Wish I had read the books first.


What Courtney Hates:

  • The dark turn Season 2 takes. Not liking the direction Ross’ character takes. Seems wrong. Other than that…love it!

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