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April Bookclub: The Circle

Courtney & Kylee

The Circle by Dave Eggers

Catch up on last month’s book club here.


the circle book cover


I rarely slam a book but I’m going to have to today. In my opinion, The Circle by Dave Eggars was lame. Basically, a waste of my time. Oddly. As I sit here writing, a commercial for the movie version of The Circle just passed across my TV screen. Do yourself a favor, don’t waste your time or money. I know it will be tempting, given Tom Hanks is in the cast. But, refrain. The book made a few interesting social observations, but otherwise felt like it was written by a 14 year old. And, don’t even get me started on the ending. The author didn’t seem to have a clue where or how to end the book.  It just randomly stops. How bizarre. Now…all my harsh comments aside. There are a couple interesting social observations the author makes in The Circle. The most interesting for me revolves around the use of the phrase “Sharing is Caring.” I am fascinated by how willing people are to share all the details of their lives. (Personally, I don’t particularly care what you ate for lunch.) Sharing all is a phenomenon for a generation younger than I. For me, sharing (too much) is scaring! I don’t need to know all the staged and manipulated details of the lives of people I don’t care enough about to have a personal relationship with. I know this attitude of a need for privacy (or rather a non-interest in publicly sharing my life) dates me but I think it’s reflected in the attitudes and actions of Mae’s ex-boyfriend, Mercer. So I guess, I’m not alone.


The Circle wasn’t the total loss for me like it was for Courtney. Now that being said, I wasn’t in love with it like I was last month’s book. I really enjoyed it from the perspective of it being a new take on the popular dystopian society genre. I liked that the main character for once wasn’t a whiny teenage girl in a love triangle. So from that perspective I really appreciated it. However, there were some serious flaws. As Courtney mentioned, it definitely sparks serious thought regarding privacy and the internet, only it gets very soap boxy most of the way through. There’s nothing new it brings to the table. The same old preaching we’ve heard before and continue to hear. So in that sense it gets a little tiresome and droning feeling. I also agree about the ending, I see what the author was trying to do I think, but it just doesn’t quite get there. Long story short, it’s good if you’re treating it as a causal read that sparks some dialogue. However, it’s not a fantastic read by any means.


Courtney’s Rating: Never Again


Kylee’s Score: Like it
Scale: Never again, Not worth it, Meh, Like it, Love it, Can’t Live Without It

6 thoughts on “April Bookclub: The Circle

  1. That’s too bad about “The Circle”. This was on my “to read” pile too. Also the fact there’s a movie with a talented cast made it promising.


    1. It’s definitely not the worst book I’ve read (Courtney may disagree with that though haha), but if you have a big pile of “to read” books, I definitely would put that at the bottom of your list.

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