Pinterest Recipe Review: Ranch Chicken

Kylee & Courtney

As the self proclaimed queen of easy meals, Ranch chicken has to be one of my top go-to’s. Seriously though. This recipe is so easy and quick to make that we must have it at least once or twice a month. And it pairs great with healthy sides like asparagus or corn for a well balanced, guilt-free meal. If you are a chicken lover, ranch lover, or easy meal lover, this is definitely the meal for you. Check it out at Damn Delicious now.


How have I lived so long without this Ranch Chicken recipe? It’s perfectly amazing. Kylee’s been keeping this gem a secret. Until now. My husband and I totally love this stuff. It’s similar to a version by Helman’s mayonnaise. But I like this one better.



What Kylee loves about Ranch Chicken:

  • It’s got a nice crunch. The panko coating really gives this chicken an extra crunchy texture that’s great for those that love fried chicken.
  • Goop it up or go skinny. This recipe makes it easy to decide how much coating you want on each chicken piece. For example, I go lighter while my husband loves his drenched in mayo ranch.
  • Low mess. Put a piece of foil on the pan and boom! Clean up just got so easy. This recipe keeps me from spending hours at the kitchen sink.


What Courtney loves about Ranch Chicken:

  • Easy, easy, easy. I can whip this up in my sleep.
  • Simple ingredients. Some people may not be familiar with Panko but it’s easy to find.
  • The recipe calls for chicken thighs. I love dark meat. I often substitute thigh meat for chicken breasts because I can’t stand trying to choke down dry meat.
  • Super simple clean up. Like Kylee noted above, if you cover the cookie sheet with a piece of foil, there’s really no clean up involved after the meal is made. Now you’re talking.


What Kylee hates about Ranch Chicken:

  • Watch out! If you leave the chicken in the oven just a few minutes too long it can get very dry very fast!
  • Be sure to place a little more mixture than you think you need on the chicken because the stranger shaped ones tend to have the mixture melt off during the cooking process onto the foil underneath.


What Courtney hates about Ranch Chicken:

  • When I take a minute to evaluate the ingredients and recipe, this is a high fat entree. But, personally, I don’t get bent out of shape over fat. Simple carbs are more often the culprit in our American diet.
  • The sodium content in Ranch mix is pretty high. But, it tastes so good I’m willing to roll with it. You will too!


Kylee’s rating of Ranch Chicken: Can’t Live Without it! 😍

Courtney’s rating on Ranch Chicken: Can’t live without it! 😍


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